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Special Class & Race specific banter/dialogue guide [CONTAINS SPOILERS].

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Icewind Dale is littered with special NPC interactions that only trigger if you initiate the dialogue using a character of a specific race, class or kit, or a character with enough points in a specific attribute.

These interactions include everything from minor dialogue changes, to alternate ways of completeing quests, as well as additional quest rewards. As most people only converse using their party leaders, these special interactions tend to be easily missed.

Is there a compiled list of these interactions somewhere? If not does anyone want to submit any special interactions that they have discovered, and I'll start logging them in here.

Interaction Rewards = Blue
Attribute Requirements = Green
Kit requirements = Red

Class and Kit specific interactions


1) When talking to Wylfdene at the barbarian camp, he will state that to the people of the ten towns the word Barbarian is synonymous savages, brutes and primitives. If you are a barbarian yourself you can respond "To me, the word 'barbarian' means freedom, and the wind on my face. I do not see your people as savages".


1) In Easthaven, many of the commoners will recognise you as a minstrel. If you offer to sing them a song, they will thank you by giving you a moonstone.
2) During the quest 'The dream song', speaking to the sea spirit with a bard will give you an additional dialogue option of responding to the sirens song with a song of your own (+1,200xp). A lot of bard unique dialogue follows eventually leading to another dialogue option where you ask the spirit to teach you her song (+1,200xp), additionaly you can request a token of good faith from the spirit for a number of minor gems.
3)In the Whistling Gallows, the tavern in Lonelywood, there is an Elvan bard named Murghdah. If you are a bard you can attempt to get him to exchange songs with you, but the drunk bard is too depressed and not in the mood.
4) When speaking to Tiernon for the first time, a bard will recognise his name as that of a legendary Dwarven weaponsmith who went missing many years ago. Once his identity has been confirmed you will recount a funny tale you once heard about an 'incident' caused by one of the dwarfs malfunctioning returning throwing hammers.
5) In Marketh's palace you will eventually come upon a man named Flozem. If received the portrait of Marketh from the gnome Callard outside the palace then you will gain a dialogue option where you can ask if Flozem really painted the picture. A bard will then gain an additional dialogue option, where you can convince him to leave Dorns Deep to pursue a career as an artist, earning you 60,000xp). Note: This one is easily missable. Its important that you find and speak to Flozem before you stumble upon his brother Fleezum. Conversing with Fleezum will always end in an unavoidable battle with the warrior, and if you kill Fleezum, then Flozem will become hostile when you later attempt to converse with him.


1) (Cleric of Tempus only) Speaking to the priests at Easthavens Temple of Tempus, as a cleric of tempus leads to a few minor dialogue changes. You will be refered to as *initiate*, and if you ask about Jerrod you will be scolded for not knowing your faiths history.
2) In Kuldahar, if you ask a commoner about the local temples, a dialogue option will appear where you can attempt to convert them to the Illmater faith. This will reward you with +1,200xp.
3)(Cleric of Tempus only) In the final chapter, when Jerrod is trying to dispel the glyphs leading to Jerrods stone, he will comment that the glyphs were placed by Tempus himself, and that he doesn't know whether he has the power to deactivate them. If you are conversing with him using a Cleric of Tempus, then you will gain an additional reply: "We are both sworn to the Foehammer's Service, with my aid you are certain to succeed"
4)(Cleric of Tempus only) During the final battle with Poquelin, Everard opts to sacrifice himself to close the demonic portal, a Cleric of Tempus recieves several additional unique dialogue choices during the resulting exchange, starting with "This is your purpose here, isn't it? To fulfill Tempus's will. I see it clearly now", and followed by "Do what you must brother, I will witness your sacrifice".
5)(Cleric of Tempus only)Speaking to Hjollder for the first time, as a Cleric of Tempus changes a few of the dialogue options for example when he states he has received a vision from Tempos you can respond "I also serve the god of battles, tell me of your vision".
6)(Cleric of Tempus only)During your first encounter with the Barbarian leader Wylfdene, the topic of conversation will eventually lead to Jerrod's Stone and Tempus, there are a few dialogue options were you can mention that you serve the same god. After the encounter, you will be led outside, where the barbarians under orders from Wylfdene will ambush your party. A Cleric or Tempus can convince the barbarians to stand down by stating "I too serve Tempos, would you impede my duties?" and then following the resulting dialogue chain.


1) During the quest 'An Ogre with a headache', a druid can teach Ghereg of a remedy that will cure the ogre for +1,200xp. This is more a time saver as the remedy can be learned from Arundel, and given to the ogre later.
2) Asking the villagers in Kuldadahar about the local temple leads to a the commoner reflecting on the majesty of the great oak. You can then offer to bestow a natures blessing on the commoner for +1,200xp, and an aquamarine gem.
3) Whilst conversing with Emmerich Hawk the bowyer in Lonelywood. You can commend him on his reverence to nature, whilst promising that you will strive to maintain the natural balance in the area.
4) When speaking to the trapper Digby, a druid will comment that the trapping of animals is fine, so long as it is done in moderation, and is not wasteful. Later on, when Digby mentions that the barbarians are scaring all the animals west, a druid will also comment that the expansion and migration of man is disrupting the delicate balance of nature.
4) When assisting Tiernon with his *calling*, by helping him to craft his weapon, a druid gains an additional and unique dialogue option when choosing what the weapon should be "I see a finger beckoning me to step forward-yet the finger is a wicked blade, curved and sharp, like a talon". This option will lead to him crafting the powerful Scimitar Talon of the Gloomfrost +4.


1) On the third level of dragons eye you will encounter a sentient undead Lieutenant. If you speak to him with a mage you will realise that you are actually speaking to a necromancer who is communicating through the skeleton.
2) Towards the end Dragons Eye's third level, you will encounter another of the necromancers skeletal lieutenants. If you speak to it with a mage, you gain the dialogue option of challenging the necromancer Presio to a one on one mage dual, which lures her out into the open and away from her large force of undead guardians. Defeating her in this manner grants you an additional 1,200xp on top of her normal xp value.


1) When debating the Philosophy of Tempus with Accadia in Easthaven's Temple, a Paladin will gain access to a slightly different dialogue path where you concede that you use war and conflict as a means to an end in your fight against Evil, but you do not revel in the act.
2) In Kuldahar, if you ask a commoner about the local temples, a dialogue option will appear where you can attempt to convert them to the Illmater faith. This will reward you with +1,200xp.
3) In the Kuldahar pass, you will find a young boy named Jermsy hiding in the closet of the old mill, after his family were murdered. When attempring to coax him out, a Paladin will gain an additional dialogue response, where you comment that if his family were good people then they will now be in a better place, and that justice will find their attackers.
4) During the quest 'Aldwin's Claim', if you use your Paladin to confront Aldwin about the hidden signet ring you found upstairs, he will comment that breaking into peoples locked containers is not very Paladin like, at which point you will repond by telling him you are not proud of your actions. You will also lose the option of keeping quiet about Aldwin's deception, which normally earns you free lodgings.
5)As a Paladin you can debate the evils and virtues of Necromancy with the Bonedancer Mytos (Kresselacks Tomb, first level) earning you 3,225xp, this is on top of the regular 3,225xp you can get for trying to pursue a peaceful resolution to the encounter. NOTE: You have to ask him questions in a specific order to trigger the Paladin only dialogue, the order is: 'Can I ask you some questions?' > 'Who are you again?' > 'Whats a Bonedancer?' the next option 'So you are responsible for these vile creatures' is the Paladin option, if you ask any other question up until this point then the paladin option will no longer trigger.
6) A paladin can challenge the necromancer Presio to one on one battle when addressing her final undead lieutenant, doing so lures Presio away from her undead guardians making for a much easier battle. Defeating her in this manner grants you an additional 1,200xp on top of her normal xp value.
7) On the fourth level of Dragon's Eye a Paladin will be able to sense the evil in Albion the 'goodly priest of Aldoth', seeing through the talonites ruse and initiating combat immediately (xp reward needs confirmation) .
8) At the conclusion of chapter two, you will return to a Kuldahar besieged by Orogs. Fight your way to Arundels home and enter (You must have your Paladin placed in the leader slot for this, as Arundel will automatically initiate dialgue with your party leader when you enter). A Paladin will be able to detect 'Arundels' Evil, revealing him as an imposter before he would normally reveal it himself.
9)(Blackguard only) When speaking to Vexing thoughts for the second time, he will ask if you are ready to enter into his service. A Blackguard gains a unique dialogue option where you can tell him "My soul is already spoken for, find another slave!"


1) When the Lonelywood bowyer, Emmerich Hawk, tells you that he acts as the woods protector, a ranger can compliment him on his noble calling whilst also assuring him that he has nothing to fear from you.
2) When talking to Digby the trapper in Lonelywood, a ranger gains three unique dialogue options at set points during the conversation, all of which annoy Digby into ending the conversation, they are: "Your traps are a danger to animals AND people, its no wonder someone is looking into it", "I believe it would be in your best interest to listen to him, trapping so close to the town and lake could cause problems" and finally "Your attitude to nature is horrible, you should be ashamed".


1) (Assassin only) When talking to Kresselack for the first time he will request that you track down and kill the Aurilite Priestess Lysan, if you spoke to him with an assassin you gain an extra dialogue option where can demand payment for the 'contract', he will pay you with a Horn Coral Gem up front, and offer the contents of his sarcophagi once the job is done (The latter you would have gotten regardless).
2) (Assassin only) During your first encounter with the Barbarian leader Wylfdene, he will eventually accuse you of being an assassin sent to eliminate him. If you actually are an assassin, then you will gain an additional dialogue option "If I'd been sent to slay you, Wylfdene, you would already be dead. No, that is not why I am here".

Race specific interactions

Note: Each individual commoner is limited to only one race specific interaction, if you speak to a commoner as a dwarf, and then speak to the same commoner as an elf, you wont get the elf interaction, you will need to find a new commoner.


1) In Easthaven talking to a commoner as a Dwarf results in a conversation where the citizen asks whether you are friends with Hildreth, or whether you are in the Dale planning to 'liberate' Dorn's Deep. If you ask about Dwarven ruins you gain a dialogue option where you can ask the citizen to contribute to your expedition, doing so earns you an Anders Gem
2) When conversing with Soth, one of the escaped slaves in the Wyrm's Tooth Museum you can ask "What are you doing?" this leads to a dialogue chain where he talks about the museum, eventually revealing the museum is dedicated to a Dugmaren Brightmane. A Dwarf will recognise this name instantly as the Dwarven god of scholars, inventors and explorers.
3) When speaking to Tiernon for the first time, a dwarf will gain two unique dialogue options. One referring to his clan name and the fact he is a far way from home, and another one where you actually recognise his full name, and comment that his clan told you he had been missing for years.
4) When assisting Tiernon with his *calling*, by helping him to craft his weapon, a dwarf gains an additional and unique dialogue option when choosing what the weapon should be "A Hammer, but black vein's run through it - I can feel the ice within it, pounding, like a heartbeat... Nay, like a dwarven drumbeat". This will lead to him crafting the powerful warhammer Blood of the Gloomfrost +4.


1) In Easthaven, speaking to a commoner as an elf results in them commenting that 'Your kind' don't usually venture into the cold north. You can scold him, telling him that the elves had already settled the four corners of the world, long before man walked the earth. The commoner will also tell you that another elf is staying at the Inn.


1) If you speak to an Easthaven commoner as a gnome, you will be mistaken for a relative of Oswald Fiddlebender, and can learn a little about his shop and flying ship in Kuldahar. Speaking to the villagers in Kuldahar results in similar conversations when you ask about the flying ship.


1) In Easthaven you gain some unique dialogue when speaking to a commoner as a Halfling. The commoner mention seeing another 'little one' recently, you can chose to ask him about the other Halfling, who turns out to be Aldwin in Kuldahar, or you can choose to take offence at being called 'little one', and challenge them to a fight, the latter will result in the commoner trying to make peace with you, by gifting you a Knucklehead Trout


1) If you speak to an Easthaven commoner as a Half-Orc, they will comment on your heritage and take pity on you, making assumptions about your parents and your conception.

Gender specific interactions


1) When speaking to Dirty Llew, his dialogue is vastly different when speaking to him as a man as opposed to a woman. Firstly he is rather blunt and rude with you, for example if leave without buying anything he will go off on a foul mouthed tirade about what a cheapskate you are. Secondly if you ask Dirty Llew how he got the name 'Dirty Llew' he will proudly inform you it is because of his fondness for the ladies, apparently he has quite the reputation. Finally his prices are much more expensive when speaking to him as a male.
2)When speaking to Maiden Ilmadia in lower Dorns Deep, ask for the *honor* of her name, male characters are then given a second option to ask "Whats a good looking Elvan maiden like you doing in a dwarven forge like this?", she is not impressed, but concedes that you are more agreeable than the fire giants she is forced to work with.
3)If the first character you speak to Ambere Dunn, the Lonelywood drunkard with is a male, then Ambere will be very flirty with you. Eventually she reveals that she has been bedding every man who passes through town in the hopes of finding someone to take her away. A unscrupulous male can 'take advantage' of Ambere losing -1 reputation point for the deed (Note reputation cannot be increased in IWD, so shop prices will be permanently raised as a result).


1)On the fourth floor of the Severed Hand, Lehland the shopkeep will refer to your character as SAH. A female character will misinterpret it as meaning SIR, and will gain an additional dialogue option where your insulted at being confused for a man.
2) Being a woman changes the interaction with Dirty Llew vastly from that of a man. Not only that, but your charisma will also affect how he talks to you.
*He will become very friendly and outgoing when speaking to females, but if you have 16 CHR or more he will become even more of a boot licker, constantly complimenting and praising you, even getting flustered and stuttering at times.
* If you ask Dirty Llew how he got the name 'Dirty Llew' he will lie and make up a story. If your character has 16 CHR or more, then he will become flustered and embarrassed and make up an even more far fetched story.
*Females get a whopping 50% store discount, when browsing his wares!
*Finally he will reduce his fee for crafting the beetle shield from 10,000gp for a man, to 9,000gp for a woman. However if you happen to have 16 CHR or more, than he will start falling over himself trying to appease you, dropping the price to 7,000 and then 5,000gp.
3) When speaking to Maiden Ilmadia in lower Dorns Deep, ask for the *honor* of her name, female characters are then given a second dialogue option where you can state "Its hard being the odd woman out, isn't it". She agrees and this will warm Ilmadia to you slightly.

Attribute specific interactions

Jed's Alcoholism: In Easthaven, if speak to old Jed with a character possessing at least 16 INT, you will gain an additional dialogue option where you identify the root cause of his dependency on alcohol. After discussing this for a while you gain a dialogue option where you can try to convince him to quit drinking, you need at least 15 CHR to succeed, which will earn you 1,200xp and 6gp in the process.

Uligar's Tribute: In the Ruined Mill on the Kuldahar Pass, you will encounter an orc named Uligar who demands tribute in exchange for your lives. Ask him "Why should I? If your character has at least 14 INTand 14 CHR you will gain an extra dialogue option "Quit threatening me or I'll slice your belly open.... " Uligars next response will depend on your Strength, a score of 14 STR or more will intimidate Uligar into leaving you alone, less than 14 and he will laugh at you before attacking.

Albion and the Temple of Eldath:When you first speak to Albion, you can quiz him about the Heartstone Gem. He will claim that he knows little, and soon after the conversation will end. If you speak to him a second time, you can ask him "Are you sure, you dont know anything about the Heartstone Gem". If your character has at least 16 INT, you can catch him in a lie at this point, exposing his deception and earning you 24,000XP. Be aware that you lose access to several minor NPC interactions, the librarian who sells spell scrolls and an inn if you expose the talonites early, and that you would have still gotten the experience later on in the chapter, as exposing the group is a prerequesite to finishing the level.

Dirty Llew, Ladies Man!:I touched upon this in the gender specific interaction section. Dirty Llew converses totally different to female characters, than he does with male characters. However, if your lady also has a high charisma (16 CHR +), then he becomes a flustered, stuttering, boot licking mess. He will also offer you a large 50% reduction off his fee for crafting the Beetle Shield, making it for 5,000gp as opposed to 10,000.

Ambere Dunn - The drunk and the gentleman: When speaking to Ambere Dunn the Lonelywood drunkard, there is a dialogue path where you can express your disgust that she is offering to bed any man who will take her away from the spine of the world. A character with at least 13 CHR+ will gain a dialogue option that starts "You have an honest husband, who does honest work...." selecting this will begin another dialogue chain that will guilt her into returning home to her family, and becoming a better wife and mother, this will earn you 15,000xp (You can also convince her to leave town on her own for the same experience reward, and this option doesnt require charisma).

Hailey Dunn - The girl who cried well!
Not specifically attribute based, but when Haley Dunn the little girl from Lonelywood, is begging for you to rescue her brother who has fallen into a well, an evil aligned character gains an additional conversation option, where you can tell her that its not your problem, and that her brother deserved to fall down the well. This leads to an extended conversation with the girl, where you begin to identifiy holes in the girls story, gradually picking her lie apart, earning you 15,000xp in the process. Later on when she is refusing to go home to her father, there is another evil only response where you can tell her, you will throw her down the well if she doesn't get home this instant.

Wylfdene - Combat Challenge Denied!:
During your first meeting with Wylfdene, you will gradually come to an impasse in the negotiations, where you dejectedly state that this is a waste of time because Wylfdene is twisting the meaning your words. An evil aligned character, will gain a unique dialogue option at this point where you can propose to settle the dispute in one on one combat. Wylfdene will refuse the challenge, stating you are unworthy by deed or by blood, but you will still earn 84,000xp for the attempt (Which is the same reward you would earn if you attempted to reach a peaceful resolution).

Barbarian Betrayal:After your first meeting with the barbarian chieftain Wylfdene, you will be ambushed by his men as you leave the camp. If you have 14CHR or higher than the dialgue option "If it is the will of Tempos that I serve a greater purpose, then attacking me is tantamount to defying him" will end the stand off without bloodshed for 42,000xp. Less than 14chr and the barbarians will attack.

Mayor Baldermar Thurlow - Beating out the truth! Once you have visited the barbarian camp for the first time, you can return to mayor Baldemar Thurlow and *try* to convince (I believe it is a CHR based, but I have not fully tested it yet) him to admit his secret plot to assassinate Wylfdene. An evil aligned character can take things one step forward and threaten him with a unique dialogue that will make him reveal everything "Look you spineless worm... You'll tell us everything we want to know, or I'll cut out your lying tongue and beat you to death with it!" (There is a hefty xp reward but I'll have to go back to verify the exact amount)


This is going to be a fairly slow project updated sporadically, so a big thanks to the guys who have helped by submitting other unique interactions:

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    Page reserved for future submissions
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
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    Page reserved for future submissions
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,642
    An awesome idea to get it everything in one place. I wish you to complete this guide so that it could be a gem of this forum, as the full banters guide by @Mordeus.

    From these boards:

    There's some new dialogue, primarily to account for the new kits and the half-orc race. Specifically Assassins, Blackguards, Barbarians, and Priests of Tempus all have new dialogue options (or adjustments to original dialogue) at various points in the game. Be sure to have your half-orc speak to the townspeople in Easthaven.

    This is a blackguard dialogue: When Vexing Thoughts tries to tempt a blackguard into its service, s/he can reply, "My soul is already spoken for. Find yourself another slave."

    Kresselack gives a reward dialogue for an assassin.

    Priest of Tempus: a dialogue in the temple in Easthaven (Everard calls you an initiate; also there's some dialogue with Accalia that acknowledges your kit. There's more in Heart of Winter)
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
    Thanks @bengoshi

    I'll start adding those shortly. Reading through that top link, it seems that the Presio interaction isn't limited to just necromancers (The dialogue gave me that impression), but any mage as well as paladins too!
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    It's 16 intelligence and 15 charisma to get Jed to quit drinking I'm pretty sure (it's mentioned on a few different walk through sites).

    Speaking to a commoner in Kuldahar with a cleric can get 1200xp of you ask about temples and then encourage them to follow Ilmater. You can get another 1200xp by talking again with a Druid and encouraging them ip follow nature.

    If you talk to the Ogre in Kuldahar Pass with a Druid you can tell him the cure without having to ask Arundel.

    You can challenge Presio with a Paladin as well as a Necromancer I think.

    You can see through the Talonites disguise with enough intelligence or wisdom I think. Maybe a cleric can figure it out too?

    Tiernon will only forge certain weapons for certain races or classes. Druids can get a scimitar and dwarves can get a hammer iirc.
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    @Genryu a Paladin can also get 3225xp for debating Mytos the Bone Dancer about the ethics of raising the dead. This is on top of the 3225xp you get for trying to come to a peaceful solution. It's hard to get because you have to pick the right dialog choices in a specific order.
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
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    ronaldo said:

    @Genryu a Paladin can also get 3225xp for debating Mytos the Bone Dancer about the ethics of raising the dead. This is on top of the 3225xp you get for trying to come to a peaceful solution. It's hard to get because you have to pick the right dialog choices in a specific order.

    Funnily enough I was just trying to do this one not five minutes ago, (I read you could do it with both a paladin and a cleric), but I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting the dialogue option. I guess now I know, I'll play around with the sequencing a little and add it to the list once I've figured it out.
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    @Genryu did you figure it out?
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
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    @ronaldo Sorry buddy, I've been working long hours this weekend and have not had chance to play since Friday.

    I finish college early tomorrow and so plan to get my updates done then.
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
    Ok updated the list with 'most' of the sumbissions so far. I've left a few off for now until I can test them for myself, so that I can write them up properly.

    I'm currently running a second game in Multiplayer (playing it in single player), so that I can swap and change party members on the fly and experiment with different class/race combinations when talking to certain key NPCs. Hopefully this will allow me to unlock a few more special interactions.

    Just bare with me for a while, its likely to be a slow process trying to go through each encounter with a fine toothcomb.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
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    Honestly you should really think of looking into learning how to use Near Infinity. It has a search function that you can use to find this sort of thing. It'll make your life a lot easier :)
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
    I'll look into it, though that sort of stuff usually goes right over my head.
  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,577
    Genryu said:


    1) Needs confirmation! I cannot confirm this one, and I don't have the full details, but I have read somewhere that Larrel in the Severed Hand is pretty gruff and rude if you try to converse him with a Dwarf.
    If you speak to townsfolk in Easthaven as a dwarf, they will point out that there is another dwarf in town (Hildreth), and ask you if you've come there to reclaim some old dwarven cities. Eventually, you can suggest to them that they donate to your efforts, and you'll get a gem out of it (not sure if any other factors, like charisma, are involved in this).
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
    How did I miss this one! Thanks Shar, I'll add it once I get home in a couple of hours.
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
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    *Added the Dwarf > Easthaven commoner interaction.
    *Edited the Mage > Presio's Lieutenant entry slightly.
    *Changed formatting of the attribute specific interactions into individual encounters, rather than organizing them all into attribute subcategories (This is because through testing a few of these interactions, it appears that a lot of them actually require multiple attributes at a certain value to trigger the event, and not just one single attribute, as such I cant organize them by stat).

    I have a couple more attribute based interactions to test and add, which I'll hopefully have done by the end of the week.

    Also hoping to get around to Heart of Fury soon, so expect Blackguard, Barbarian and Cleric of Tempus updates very soon.
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    *Removed the Dwarf > Larrel interaction. (I have now confirmed that there is no special dwarf specific dialogue, or even elf for that matter, anywhere in the severed hand).
    *Added attribute based interaction > Albion and the Temple of Eldath.
    *Added Paladin specific dialogue > Arundel
    *Added a female specific banter.
    *Added an elf > Easthaven commoner banter.
    *Added a Halfling > Easthaven commoner banter.
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372

    *Added the Dwarf > Soth banter
    *Added Male > Dirty Llew interaction
    *Added Female > Dirty Llew interaction
    *Added Charisma attribute specific interactions > Female/Dirty Llew interaction.
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372

    *Added Male & Female banters > Maiden Ilmadia
    *Added Male only interaction > Ambere Dunn
    *Added attribute specific interaction > Ambere Dunn: The Drunk and the Gentleman
    *Added attribute specific interaction > Barbarian Betrayal
    *Added Bard specific dialogue > Murghdah
    *Added Cleric (Tempus) specific dialogue > Everard (Final chapter)
    *Added Cleric (Tempus) specific dialogue > Everard (Sacrifice)
    *Added Cleric (Tempus) specific dialogue > Hjollder
    *Added Cleric (Tempus) specific dialogue > Wylfdene
    *Added Barbarian specific dialogue > Wylfdene
    *Added Druid specific dialogue > Emmerich Hawk
    *Added Druid specific dialogue > Digby
    *Added Thief (Assassin) specific dialogue > Wylfdene
    *Added Ranger specific dialogue > Emmerich Hawk
    *Added Ranger specific dialogue > Digby
  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,577
    I've read that there is extra dialogue for paladins when you rescue the child who is hiding inside the closet in the windmill beset by orcs - can anyone confirm this?
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372

    *Added Evil alignment banter > Hailee Dunn: And the girl who cried well.
    *Added Evil alignment banter > Mayor Baldermar Thurlow: Beating out the truth!
    *Added Paladin (Blackguard) specific banter > Vexing Thoughts
    *Added Bard specific banter > Tiernon
    *Added x2 Dwarf specific banters > Tiernon
    *Added Druid specific banter > Tiernon.

    Whilst running my second playthough, a solo necromancer I discovered a new interaction option I have not encountered before, where you can attempt to challenge Wylfdene to single combat. I still need to isolate the trigger for this option though.

    I've read that there is extra dialogue for paladins when you rescue the child who is hiding inside the closet in the windmill beset by orcs - can anyone confirm this?

    I'm pretty sure you are right on that one Shar, it sounds vaguely familiar. I'll run through quickly and test it either this evening or tomorrow morning.

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    It appears you were right good sir! I'll get it added momentarily.

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    Extra dialogue for dwarfs in Dorns Deep glacier. The dwarf recognizes the name of Brightmantle, the dwarven god of inventors and explorers.
  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
    Thanks Grum!

    I've got that one down. Dwarves seem to have quite a few extra dialogue, compared to the other races (Though that might just be down to my obsession of playing Dwarves, so I'm more likely to stumble upon them).
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    Genryu said:

    I'll look into it, though that sort of stuff usually goes right over my head.

    I talked a few weeks back with @Varwulf about Near Infinity for I think a similar cause (from what I recall I think Varwulf might be doing it for Icewind Dale 2 but the mechanics are similar). Like anything it requires some commitment to learn but once you get everything kind of hooked up its generally quite intuitive (itm files are item files, cre files are creature files, are files are area files, dlg files are dialogue files, etc). In this case though the main thing is that you can search dialogue files for the text of a particular trigger. So you could narrow down specific dialogues based on race, class, kits, etc more easily.

    But overall what you have compiled here is pretty darn impressive :)
  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,577

    I may be wrong, but I think that these are paladin-specific dialogues as well (with Accalia in Easthaven):


  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372
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    Sorry for the slow updates, I have a handful more interactions to add, including a bard specific banter, and a banter where you can challenge wylfdene to single combat (Still trying to work out the exact triggers for this one), I've just been a bit busy with other projects. I'll get back on it very soon, once I have finished my current playthrough journal over in the challenges forum.

    @elminster - I actually downloaded Near Infinity, shortly after your first post, but I just couldn't get it to run properly, and ended up giving up. I'll revisit it again at some point, it certainly looks interesting.

    @SharGuidesMyHand - Thanks buddy, I think you are right. I'll get it added to the list over the next couple of days when I do my next update.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    Well if you do decide to try it again here are some instructions on getting it to run. This is based off of the assumption you are using Windows though the instructions aren't that much different for using a mac (though the download would be different).

    Instructions for Near Infinity

    1) Download Near Infinity from here

    2) Open Near Infinity

    3) Its going to prompt you with opening a "game". What you need to do is go to your Icewind Dale installation folder. If you are installing the game using the Beamdog Client then its probably located in C:\Program Files (x86)\BeamDog\Games\00798 though that will depend on how you purchased the game (as well as the system you are running).

    4) You want to find the Chitin.key file and select it and click "open"

    5) In the top of the window it should say now "Near Infinity - Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition"
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    Genryu said:

    2) In Kuldahar, if you ask a commoner about the local temples, a dialogue option will appear where you can attempt to convert them to the Illmater faith. This will reward you with +1,200xp.

    I've just confirmed that you can do this with a paladin as well.

  • GenryuGenryu Member Posts: 372

    Added Bard specific interaction > Flozem and the portrait of Marketh
    Added Paladin Banter > Accalia
    Added Paladin Banter > Kuldahar Villager
    Added Evil aligned interaction > Wylfdene - Combat Challenge Denied

    Thanks again for the paladin contributions Shar!

    I've just moved on IWD2 and so its unlikely I'll be adding any more of my own discoveries for the time being. However I'll still update anything anyone else contributes in the meantime.
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