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Aule's Staff is killing me!

johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397
I just bought Aule's Staff from Ulgoth's Beard and I've got a question. Each time I equip it or switch my weapon to the staff, my character receives 1 damage. It does not deal damage when I am attacking enemies with it but only when I click on it (the icon). Even more strangely, each time I load my game, the character holding Aule's Staff receives 1 damage automatically!

Is it supposed to work like this or is this a bug? Any help much appreciated.

I am using SCS mod and also the mod by this guy:


  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,465
    Time ago, I had a bug like this one with a magic sword. Everytime I load a game, Shar-Teel suffered 1 point of damage by using this weapon.
    I seem to recall that @Ardanis was the one who fixed this bug (unless I am wrong). Perhaps he can help you.

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,003
    There must be a bug with the .itm file you have; I just downloaded and looked at the er_staf08.itm file and it is applying the .eff files correctly. Can you export the .itm file that you have for comparison?

  • johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397

    There must be a bug with the .itm file you have; I just downloaded and looked at the er_staf08.itm file and it is applying the .eff files correctly. Can you export the .itm file that you have for comparison?

    Sorry I'm kind of a computer language noob here but how and where can I find the .itm file? I am running BG:EE on Steam and using a Mac. Thanks!

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,003
    I am not familiar with Mac, myself, but I know that NearInfinity works on Mac systems. I don't have the link for it right now but in the General Modding forum you can see the NearInfinity thread. it is. It also looks like @AstroBryGuy is the person with whom to speak for Mac questions.

    To make a long story short it appears that the item is somehow targeting "self" with damage rather that "preset target", the intended victim.

  • johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397
    edited June 2015
    @Mathsorcerer Okay, I just played around and used whatever common sense and research knowledge I have managed to glean on the forum and miraculously I found this .itm file on my Mac.

    For me, it looks like this "ER_STA08.ITM"

    Is it supposed to look like this?

    I also have this "ER_IST1.BAM" within the same folder entitled 'stuff'.

    I suspect it might be due to the mod by this guy that is giving me the problem?:

  • johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397
    edited June 2015

    To make a long story short it appears that the item is somehow targeting "self" with damage rather that "preset target", the intended victim.

    But why then does it only deal 1 damage? I deal damage normally to enemies with that staff, but whenever I click on the staff icon (to select attack), switch my bow to the staff or reload the game, I receive 1 damage. like the numerical 1.

    Thanks for helping me to troubleshoot so far!

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,003
    You are welcome. We are getting closer to the problem--yes, that is the item file I downloaded yesterday, as well, er_sta08.itm. You might also want to check out ft1dam.eff to make sure it is set to "preset target" and not "self". If that effect has a problem and it is applying opcode 12 (damage) to "self" then it is targeting *you*.

  • johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397
    @Mathsorcerer sorry but where can I find this 'ft1dam.eff'?

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,003
    You might need NearInfinity because if you haven't installed or edited that .eff file then it won't be in the override folder. I suppose I could always zip then upload it, myself.

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    edited June 2015
    Actually, @Erg's mod only uses ER_STA08.ITM for BGT installs. For TotSC, Tutu, and BGEE, it patches the Aule's Staff item file in place. You need to look at STAF08.ITM in your override folder.

    It looks like an issue with a change to FT1DAM.EFF and how it is used in BGEE. In the vanilla original BG1 and BG2, FT1DAM.EFF used opcode 179 (damage vs. type bonus) and the effect is applied in the main item header to Self. However, @Camdawg noted issues with this method of applying damage bonuses, namely that these bonuses are applied globally, i.e., if you have a sword +3 vs dragons in the main hand, your off-hand weapon gets the bonus too. Camdawg's solution to this was "[t]hese effects need to be moved to the melee/ranged header, targeted to X, and the EFF changed to straight damage." (See here:

    In BGEE (and Tutu BGT with BG2 Fixpack installed, I presume), FT1DAM.EFF follows Camdawg's proposed solution and uses opcode 12 (damage). It is not intended to be applied in the main header as Erg has done (which would be appropriate for TotSC or Tutu without the Fixpack), but instead should be applied in the melee header.

    Also, since FT1DAM.EFF is actually for the Flame Tongue sword, it does slashing damage, not crushing damage.

    I've created a fix for Erg's Silver Staff of Aule mod. This fix includes two custom .EFF files for the Silver Staff that apply to hit and damage bonuses vs. lycanthropes consistent with Camdawg's method above.

    You'll need to uninstall the Silver Staff mod. Then, replace the .tp2 file and the "stuff" folder with the contents of the download. Finally, reinstall the mod.

    EDIT: Tutu is not affected by this, but BGT would be in the latest version of BG2 Fixpack is installed.

    Post edited by AstroBryGuy on
  • johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397
    edited June 2015
    @AstroBryGuy OMG, thank you so much for this! Here I was feeling all miserable and depressed when I realised that this staff was bugged: my CHAR is a fighter/thief who uses staves to backstab. I was even prepared to uninstall everything as apparently Aule's Staff is the best staff in BG:EE apart from the Staff of Striking.

    Once again, you have my million thanks! I can't like your post enough :))))

    And thank you @Mathsorcerer too for helping to decipher the problem.

  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    johntyl said:

    the mod by this guy

    Look, I'm famous :)
    johntyl said:

    folder entitled 'stuff'.

    See what I did there?

    @AstroBryGuy - Thanks for looking into this and providing a fix.

    I just wanted to point out that the fix is not required in Tutu as Tutu doesn't use the BG2 Fixpack, but its own Tutufix.

    Also this fix is required in BGT only if the optional Beta Core Fixes component of the current most up to date version of the BG2 Fixpack is installed.

    @johntyl - I'm sorry for the troubles my mod has caused to you. The changes to the EFF file in BG:EE must have been introduced by one of the latest patches as everything was working fine when I last tested my mod on BG:EE.

    I don't personally use BG:EE anymore as I prefer the original BG1 + EasyTutu, so that explains why I wasn't aware of this issue.

  • johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397
    @Erg no worries mate. Everything is fine now, and great job on the mod for Aule's Staff. Can't wait to bash my enemies into chunks with my thief :smiley:

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