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Wands and potions from Wish spell


I was just wondering if anyone had experimented with Wish in bg2ee. What wands and potions are created? For example, do wands and potions from ToB such as Wand of Spell Striking and Potion of Superior Healing appear on the random table? Is the chance the same for each wand/potion or are lame items more common than powerful ones? If someone could access the wish spell code somehow and post it here, I'd be much obliged.


  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,875
    Possible wands:
    Magic Missiles
    Spell Striking

    Possible potions:
    Cold Resistance
    Extra Healing
    Superior Healing
    Oil of Speed

    Notable items you won't get from Wish include Rods of Resurrection, Rods of Reversal, Potions of Magic Protection, Potions of Magic Shielding, Potions of Invulnerability, Potions of Power, Potions of Master Thievery, Potions of Freedom, Wands of Wonder, or Wands of Cloudkill.
  • urdjururdjur Member Posts: 53
    Wow, thanks - just the kind of detailed response I was hoping for. It's a shame Magic Shielding and Freedom are off limits, but a lot of the other stuff will come in handy.

    Spells cast from wands have 0 casting time and can't be disrupted, but they count toward the 1 spell/round limit, right? At least that's how I remember it from original bg2.
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,875
    Spells, potions, scrolls, wands, innate abilities, and special item uses all count towards the 1 spell per round limit. Once you do one of them, you can't do another for 6 seconds after you begin doing it. You can still, however, attack in between spells and potions etc., due to the way the Infinity Engine handles these things.

    If you have Improved Alacrity, you can use more than one spell or innate ability per round, but you can't use more than one potion, wand, or item. Nothing in the Infinity Engine currently lets you drink more than one potion in a round.

    Except for in vanilla Icewind Dale. In IWD (not the EE version, I don't think), Haste doubles the rate at which rounds occur, which means it doubles the number of attacks you can make, as well as the number of spells/potions/wands/etc you can use in one round. With Haste in vanilla IWD, a bard song will activate twice per round and give double the benefits, a fighter with the Messenger of Sseth can attack 10 times per round, and a mage can cast two Fireballs in one round.
  • urdjururdjur Member Posts: 53
    Wow, IWD seems... special to say the least. Anyway, since you seem well versed in engine esoterica, perhaps I can pick your brain about a few other things I have not been able to answer despite many googlings and posts at Gibberlings III? I'm planning a solo poverty sorcery run (preferably trilogy no reload, fully completionist, enhanced edition) so I was wondering:

    1) Project Image. Is the caster now always invisible so as to protect him and prevent Spell Trap recharging under a) BG2EE vanilla, b) SCS + BG2EE or only c) Spell Revisions v3+ (the latter I can confirm, I've heard rumors of the former being true as well but don't know if it's a property of SCS or BG2EE)

    2) Simulacrum. Was this clone ever fixed so that it is indeed 60% and if so, 60% of what - level or XP? The original simmy counted HALF the casters level for a straight caster, meaning max level 14 at the ToB XP cap (straight mage/sorc level 29). What is the current max level of the simmy, assuming XP cap at lvl 29 for a straight caster? Also I wonder which, if any, of the spells True Sight, Death Spell/Fog and Dispel/Remove magic can kill the simmy (specifically: under SCS BG2EE, though I doubt SCS makes any modification other than ruling out quick item duplication. In the original game it was immune to True Sight and no amount of self buffs such as Spell Immunity could protect it from Death Spell/Fog).

    3) The imp familiar in BGEE v.1.3. There have been so many modifications. I'd like to confirm that: a) The imp familiar indeed has regen 1 hp/round in BGEE (and is it 9 starting hp now I believe?) and that the Mustard Jelly polymorph form has not been nerfed (talking about the imp's special ability here, not the Polymorph Self spell in general) when it comes to 100% MR, piercing and missile resistance.

    4) Does glitterdust ever reveal invisible opps even on a failed save now? I tried it in the ipad version of BGEE and it never worked. This was before v 1.3. Is this a confirmed and corrected bug?

    5) Under SCS BG2EE, is it true that the demogorgon is immune to spells of level 6 or lower, except Breach (assuming "More consistent Breach spell" is installed)?

    6) The SCS readme details that genies have been overhauled in a similar way to demons to make their spellcasting more consistent, and that the respective summoning spells now consider them as gated (immune to death spell). The spoiler section details the spell selection and caster level of the demons, but not the genies, which makes it difficult to evaluate their usefulness as spell picks under SCS. Do you know what has changed? It used to be that the genies and mage drainer summons all had the same spell abilities that did not make sense compared to what they actually cast when left on auto pilot, but perhaps this has already been changed in BG2EE? What detailed information about BG2EE SCS genie summons is there?

    I'm fairly sure that if I can only answer these questions, I can fully plan and optimize my spell selection and other choices from level 1-29 perfectly. If anyone else can answer any of the above with certainty, please chime in. Many thanks in advance.
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    @urdjur - lots of your questions are SCS-related, about which I can't advise.

    One relevant point for your plan, however - the ToB XP cap for a Sorcerer or single-class Mage gets you to level 31, not level 29.
  • urdjururdjur Member Posts: 53
    edited June 2015
    @Gallowglass - indeed it is, thanks! OK, so level 31 would explain why people are reporting maxed out simulacra at level 16, if it is indeed 50% and not 60% as the manual says.

    My problem is I don't really know what updates are keyed to SCS and what are improvements made thanks to BG2EE and its later updates - it doesn't really matter since I'll be using SCS anyway, but I assume a lot of these questions apply equally to "vanilla" BG2EE.

    [NEVERMIND THIS ]Oh - another Simulacrum questions. It appears Simulacra still inherent innate/special abilities
    Sequencer type spells however are "empty" when activated by the simulacrum. However, what about HLAs? Under SCS, 10th level spells are gained as HLAs (each spell can only be selected once) that you cast from the special abilities menu. So does that mean that Simulacrum can summon a Planetar for me, despite it not actually getting 9th level spells even when capped out? (The way level draining appears to be implemented, it doesn't look at your special abilities, only stuff like THAC0, hp and spells/day). [/NEVERMIND THIS]

    Edit: I discovered the SCS readme conveniently specified: "Note that clones (Projected Images and Simulacra) of the spellcaster do not get High-level abilities." Phew. That would have been even more unbalanced than leaving them as 9th level spells for Projected Images to exploit.
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  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,875
    @urdjur: I don't have EE. I wouldn't know if EE is any different from vanilla on any particular subject, though it's my understanding that most things remain unchanged. The stuff in my previous post should be the same in EE.

    A Simulacrum clone's level has always been mucky. It's not 60% exactly, but I understand the 60% applies to level and not XP. Mult- and dual-classed critters have different calculations for simulacrum level, and I've heard they get more levels overall, but Aerie in my last run apparently summoned simulacra that lost a lot more than Nalia's or Charname's.

    In SCS2, I have seen clones of all stripes being removed by True Seeing. I don't think Death Spell, Death Fog, Remove Magic, or Dispel Magic can destroy clones. However, Death Fog can end Project Image by damaging the caster him or herself, since you lose your Project Image clone if the caster takes any damage (even if you have 100% resistance to that form of damage).

    The imp familiar's Polymorph Self ability should be identical to the mage version--it uses the same spell file. If the mage's Polymorph Self has been nerfed, then the imp's should be as well.

    Simulacra do not get mage HLAs if your SCS install makes them into innate abilities. Nor do they get any cleric HLAs, if the caster has cleric levels. They do, however, get any fighter or thief HLAs, just as many as the caster. A sorcerer clone won't be able to cast Dragon's Breath, but a Fighter/Mage could still use Whirlwind Attack.
  • urdjururdjur Member Posts: 53
    @semiticgod Well, a simmy vulnerable to True Seeing is preferable because you can SI:Divination it. Did not know about "taking damage" despite 100% resistance ending the PI though, that piece of info will come in handy for sure (since I was contemplating buffing with PfME and spamming Skull Traps at close range).

    Seems you're right about the Poly Self too - it appears they nerfed it for BGEE by taking away spider poison and not autohasting some forms, but it's as vanilla in BG2EE. Hence, the imp got hit by it too.

    Despite not having perfect info on everything, I think this has enabled me to decide 95% at least what I want for my sorceror, so thanks a bunch. I'll be posting a new thread in Challenges and Playthroughs where I detail my build and challenge. As soon as my new mac arrives, I'm getting BGEE + BG2EE :D
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