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Flaming Fist costume

TuthTuth Member Posts: 233
Last year me and my friends did a small Halloween party. We decided that everyone should have some kind of costume, no particular style. I thought that instead of buying a ready costume, I would make one for myself. I'm not talented in costume making, but the idea that I had for it was just to fun to resist it.

I decided to make a costume based on the Flaming Fist guards that are on both sides of this poster:

The goal was to make it more "silly" rather than "serious", or realistic and of course as cheap as possible. The most challenging part was the chainmail. I've found that the cheapest and easiest way to make it, is to buy a sweater and use the silver spraypaint on it:

It took way more spraypaint than I thought. I had to make several corrections to it e.g. cut the sleeves a bit, since with the paint on it, the sweater was much heavier and the sleeves turned to be way too long for my short arms.

For the tabard I used a white bed sheet, which I measured and then cut with scissors. I painted the Flaming Fist sigil with coloured markers, based on this image:

I don't like wearing belts, so I've made a good use of the one that I had and was lying around somewhere. I considered using the real dagger that I have, but considering that it is sharp and the Halloween party was meant to be a funny and silly, I simply bought a wooden sword-toy.

Here's the final result:

Overall, it could've been better, but considering that I've made in just a couple of days with quite a low cost, I'm happy how it turned out in the end. I have it stored somewhere, maybe for another silly occasion with some improvements to it.

I serve the flaming fist!
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  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,544
    Wow, congratulations! I really admire creative people like you!
    Tuth[Deleted User]JuliusBorisov
  • Awong124Awong124 Member Posts: 2,643
    A sweater for the chainmail is a very good idea.
  • OurQuestIsVainOurQuestIsVain Member Posts: 201
    That sweater idea looks better than I would have thought. How is the smell? Does it reak of spray paint or does the smell go away after letting it sit out?
  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    I like it. The sweater looks really good with the crusade tunic thing that probably has a real name I'm forgetting. I don't know if it would work on its own. For a cheap Halloween costume it works really well though. I made my little brother "full plate" for Halloween last year, and it worked out really well. I used aluminum flashing over cardboared, and brass fasteners(tho ones at the office store) as rivet. I think it was about $30 and came out pretty well.
    I also made a pretty cool xan costume.
  • TuthTuth Member Posts: 233

    That sweater idea looks better than I would have thought. How is the smell? Does it reak of spray paint or does the smell go away after letting it sit out?

    On the next day after I applied the spray paint there was almost no smell at all. I had it hanging in the attic all the time with a lot of space, I would have it outside, but the weather was terrible then. If you were to do it similarly, I would recommend putting it on several days earlier, that's the easiest way to see all the spots that need to be corrected and/or make adjustments.

    @meagloth tabard is the name of such tunic afaik. The sweater-chainmail on its own looks decent, it all depends on the type of the sweater, knitted ones look the most chainmail-like. Your costumes look awesome, that full plate must've been quite the challenge to put together.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,143
    Amazing stuff!

    Now we can't rest here and must find an inn!
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