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Petition for a Noober-type character in SoD

billbiscobillbisco Member Posts: 339
edited July 2015 in Feature Requests
BGEE has Noober. BGEE2 has Neeber. BGSoD deserves this character type as well. Let's call him Niiber for now. (Feel free to take any or all of this idea).

Niiber will constantly harass the party constantly talking to them with way too many banters. However, each time Niiber talks to the party, each member is forcibly given a different Petition.

A Petition is simply a scroll with poorly worded demands which takes up an inventory slot and is not stackable. Each dialog quickly fills up party inventory slots. If the party does not have enough slots open, they drop to the ground and Niiber complains even more with an extra dialogue.

If the party maintains patience among the banters and seemingly endless petitions, they'll be rewarded with some xp.

Petition for a Noober-type character in SoD 42 votes

Yes, Implement a Noober-type Character in SoD
AedanFlashburngnaumiecMaconaWowoRaistlin82DawgliciousNoonButtercheeseElendarForgottenMythbooinyoureyesNecomancerdoggyjackjackMaxxximusbillbisco 17 votes
No, Do Not Implement a Noober-type Character in SoD
smeagolheartKhelbenCuvdzyngisGodKaiserHellGrammarsaladFrozenCellsAvenger_teambgVargnattCoM_SolaufeinXar105Arcaliancmk24CahirNonnahswriterSageOzzyBotkinsGallowglassFardragonSmilingSword 25 votes


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