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Suggestion: Option to level down to 7-10 (~161k xp) upon import to BG2EE

Firstly, I'm quite excited for SoD. I love the interquel concept both in regards to gaps in the current Bhaalspawn storyline as well fitting the events into existing Forgotten Realms lore.

That said, I am concerned about the XP gained during SoD and how it will influenced the BG2EE experience. We've heard the new cap will be 12, which makes SoD a great level range (8-12), but may introduce some scaling issues when importing into BG2EE. Despite the fact that Beamdog is aware of this and will likely address it (in addition to existing level scaling in BG2), I think there are many nuances to the level progression in BG2 that would be hard (if not impossible) to duplicated with such large disparities in XP.

The proposed solution here is optional, as well as clean and consistent with the lore of the Bhaalspawn saga. I suggest that players have the option to de-level their character back down to the TotSC 161k xp cap (level 7-10) upon importing to BG2EE. This would allow players to remove any potential balance or progression disparities created by the increased XP cap of SoD, or alternatively allow players retain well-earned XP and power if they so choose.

As a long-time dungeon master, I also feel as if this can work without breaking immersion. In terms of lore, the loss in levels could be explained as the result from Irenicus' capture of CHARNAME and the subsequent experiments performed on him/her and the surviving party members. After all, Irenicus's goal all along has been to tap into/drain the Bhaalspawn's power in one way or another.

Thoughts, criticisms, suggestions?

P.S. Thanks for helping me procrastinate and avoid working on my dissertation :P



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