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Nechul, the playthrough of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,818
edited October 2015 in Challenges and Playthroughs
Okay, so this is a solo playthrough starring a half-orc barbarian called Nechul. He has min-maxed stats, and he starts the game with boots of speed, splint mail, a two-handed sword and a helmet.

And every round he summons a pit fiend.

So, basically the idea is for him to run away from all the pit fiends. He has no way of casting Protection from Evil on himself and he can't do anything to them, so he has no choice but to run. However, they just keep coming.

The game began with Nechul running to Gorion without doing any of the Candlekeep quests. They fled the keep, leaving it to the pit fiends, but then Gorion got killed. Imoen tried to join the party only to come face to face with another pit fiend while Nechul fled towards the High Hedge.

When he entered the High Hedge, the flesh golems attacked the pit fiends and were actually able to damage them. However, there were always more pit fiends coming, so Thalantyr and his golems were quickly overwhelmed. Nechul exited the building before there were too many fiends to escape from. A bunch of the pit fiends followed him out of the building, and he had to flee fast.

He kept going south until eventually he came across the legendary Drizzt. Maybe that guy could help him out against the pit fiends. After all, Drizzt had supposedly "sparred with demons from the Nine Hells themselves" (though since when did demons come from the Nine Hells?), so perhaps he could successfully spar with devils from the Nine Hells themselves. However, Drizzt was only interested in killing the gnolls. Actually, the pit fiends didn't seem to attack Drizzt at all (I had been wondering how many pit fiends it would take to kill Drizzt, so it was kind of disappointing). Nechul had no choice but to flee again.

Finally he arrived at Nashkel. He quickly ran to the inn. Neira came along and tried to paralyze him, but he used Barbarian Rage and fled to one of the rooms. Of course, there ended up being a pit fiend in that room, so he fled to another room, and another room and another room until all the rooms had pit fiends and there was nowhere left to hide. He and everyone else in the inn got hit by pit fiend fireballs and died.

After I reloaded, Nechul decided to run all around Nashkel in desperation. The town became filled with pit fiends and many people died (I don't think Noober died, though). Nechul then fled to the building on the upper right corner of the map, shattered the door, and went in. The room began to fill with pit fiends so he went upstairs, but of course that place soon became infested with pit fiends too. He went downstain again and fled to the one room where there weren't any devils. There was a nobleman there who said he had to go away on some sort of business, but we all know the real reason why he leaves. Suddenly, a pit fiend spawned in the doorway, trapping Nechul in the room. Then another pit fiend spawned and the two fiends started fighting each other. So I thought, I guess I'll just have them duke it out and I'll escape when one of them dies. I had forgotten, obviously, that the pit fiends would just keep spawning. Eventually there were five pit fiends in the room. Nechul had nowhere to run. He lost all hope and soon was killed.

That's all for now.

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