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A Journey's End [Scrapped]



  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    Yesterday I was thinking that it would be good if you could add other roleplay option to the encounter with the demon lord in Ust nasta.

    nice options would be:

    > Help defeating Adalon
    > teleport on the surface
    > Help against Irenicus
    > Help cleansing Ust Nasta
    > A partnership of some kind (what if I wanted to become a servant of the demon? They were asking him for help to besiege a whole city, what if he gave you quest or was interested in some things?)
    > A partnership for ToB (be it quests or whatever)
    > powers to summon his servant, to exchange power, to make him a power of the plane for help for other stuff

    Oh well
  • jobbyjobby Member Posts: 181
    Or he could just give you the evil equivalent to carsomyr instead of a mediocre halberd ;)
  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    edited June 2016
    there is already a way to get an evil equivalent to carsomyr, and that way is called mods.

    > Item revision improves that halberd to actually be decent
    > item upgrade gives you the chance to corrupt carsomyr
    > valen npc mod lets you get more than one item from the demon

    Elminster, if you need tips for that riddle with demogorgon , check redemption, a mod by dorotea

    [SPOILER - do not read if you are afraid of them]

    Basically if you kill demogorgon in Watcher's keep, while inside the throne of bhaal, if you had the chance to let irenicus join you and you were smart enough to let him know what's the best of him , demogorgon will appear and demand that you surrender Irenicus because he is bound to go to hell

    You got then three choices:

    > Fight demogorgon again

    > give him irenicus

    > Ask him to play a riddle (if you have wisdom high enough to know that demogorgon likes to play riddles). You can then choose the term of the riddle. I mean what is the prize.

    --> Only Irenicus.
    --> Irenicus and demogorgon's oath to serve you for a certain amount of years.
    The problem is that demogorgon requires the same to you. So if you swear the oath and lose the riddle, you will have to serve him no matter what, for the same amount of years you asked him.

    It's a cool way to roleplay, and it gives a chance to let you read what is the different idea about the whole idea by the two different heads, that have different opinion even on how to approach you.

    Really well done
  • jobbyjobby Member Posts: 181
    @Arthas Glad to hear there are mods that improve the evil only weapon availability, I'll have to look into them for my next play through.

    None-the-less it still an awful lot of hassle for a truly evil charname in the underdark, you betray a drow city and slay a dragon for a rubbish halbard and some pink! Armour, ok the armour is pretty decent but why does it have to be pink :(

    I do like some of your rp options though, especially "help clearing ust natha" it could be quite fun to slaughter everyone with the help of a powerful demon.

    A once per day summon lesser demon would be a pretty cool reward aswel.

    A partnership would be cool but instead of being implemented by a quest line it would be really interesting if it could be more along the lines of creating a new blackguard class which could then be applied to charname if they are a fighter (this may be difficult to mod, I have no idea).

    I would also like the opportunity to fight the demon (some charnames have killed the demogorgon by this point).

  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    @jobby you can already fight the demon, be it for foolishness, be it for sake of seeing who is stronger, be it for being a force of good
  • jobbyjobby Member Posts: 181
    As I recall it was insta-kill? Was there a way to fight in vanilla without getting instantly obliterated?
  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    edited July 2016
    yup there is. You should be instantly obliterated if you answer him in a pointless way. By the way, if I remember well you need weapons that have an enchantment of +5

    Edit: seenms like I remembered welll

    Btw, adalon gets pissed if you fight the demon while you got the eggs. So be careful

    demon lord suggestion:
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  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    Hello,I would like to ask a new feature if possible, concerning TOTSC and the role of Karoug.

    You've got the option to join him, he accepts, and you can give him only an ironic answer that makes him hostile. It seems it was more victim of the lazyness of Bioware when it comes to evil options, then him being full fledged hostile.

    There should be a few new options:

    1) Be able to become a werewolf, you were infected, I would like to be able to do more than heal myself and be able to find the best in the worst. So getting the infection too and becoming a werewolf could be cool. Beside, you can become a vampire in bg2 with mods added, why wouldn't one choose to become a werewolf after allying with Karoug?

    2) Fight Karoug right after having joined him and did his murder-the-whole-isle.

    3) Make him be a little more pragmatic and make him come with you in Ulgoth's beard, only to see him attacking everyone and making everyone his pack (that could be a really nice roleplaying option) - you see him attacking people and them turning into werewolves.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,305
    @Arthas You've posted this in the wrong mod/game and I'm not adding anything new to what I've outlined in Eve of War.
  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    @Elminster wanted to post it in Eve of War, I apologize.
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