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New version of Enchanted Weapon spell seems subpar

AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 1,178
edited March 2016 in The Road to v2.0
New behaviour:
Dee wrote: »

Good catch. Here's the full text:

The Enchanted Weapon spell, instead of creating a magical weapon that the caster can wield, now alters the caster’s currently equipped weapon to increase its effective enchantment level to +3. The spell’s description has been updated to reflect this change.

This severely reduces the utility of the spell, making it almost useless for single-classed mages.

Being able to pass your fighter a +3 weapon so that they can hit that pesky golem is what makes the spell worthwhile in the first place, and even then only for the first part of the game. For themselves, mages already have Phantom Blade and MMM.

I do not see much of a application for the spell in this form, unless there is a weird combination with a weapon with a very good on-hit/on-equip ability and a low enchantment bonus that I miss right now.

Please revert the spell to the old form or make it castable on party members. It was never very powerful and only helpful in very specific circumstances.



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