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2H Weapons and Off-hand

SmaugSmaug Member Posts: 216
Forgiveness if this is posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find this topic in a quick forum search.

I'm a bit confused w/ the thinking behind the ranger's quick weapon limitations. I'm trying to equip a 2H bow in one slot and then have one of my dual-wielded swords in the next slot (obviously the other sword would go in the off-hand slot. This is precluded by the game that tells me, "2H weapon equipped" or "off-hand in use" when I try to slot in my off-hand weapon or bow. I can envision the real-world limitations w/ this approach if you want to go that route, but it doesn't seem to make sense w/ the ranger class which typically uses some kind of bow and who starts out w/ 2 proficiencies in 2 weapon style. The game obviously wants my ranger to dual-wield, but then it practically limits my character's ability to use the ranger's stereotypical weapon, the bow.


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