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Mac problems :(



  • DarkchanterDarkchanter Member Posts: 13
    I am having this problem having just installed BGEE, SOA and BG2EE on Sierra (on a new macbook). I had to copy the launcher just to install the games.

    All games crash after character creation. Regardless of me changing permissions. I can't believe this problem from April last year hasn't been fixed yet!

  • DarkchanterDarkchanter Member Posts: 13
    Finally got it to work.

    First you have to copy the launchers out of their sub-directories and into the application directories. (You can drag-drop these in finder) This'll get you as far as creating a character, then the game will crash.

    I had to go into my documents folder on the terminal (because Sierra is paranoid about showing about anything in finder).

    I then deleted the symlinks to non existent save directories.

    I then created symlinks to my game directories on dropbox (local version of dropbox files).

    Pleas fix your installers, Beamdog, they're ruining some awesome games; I'm frustrated enough and it'd take some time (or being an experienced unix user) to follow even these instructions.

    I think the "user workaround" answers to the bug reports are also insufficient, given that this is clearly not an isolated problem.

  • stu-kstu-k Member Posts: 27
    I can't find my saves in SoD. After beating S in BG:EE the game continued, when I save & quit the only way I return is to reload the last fight in BG:EE and cycle thru, hit escape, till Imoen dialogs. Now all my SoD saves pop up. Help

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 17,122
    @stu-k As explained here, most likely you should switch between BG:EE and SoD in the game.

  • stu-kstu-k Member Posts: 27
    yes thanks sorry about the redundancy

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