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[Spoiler] Bridgefort quest help



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,862
    edited December 2016
    thanks I'll give it another shot.
    *EDIT* Okay its done, sadly I have no saves around there anymore.

  • LorandarLorandar Member Posts: 33
    Digging up this old thread because I ran into the same bug while playing SoD on iPad. A bit weird to encounter this issue 2 years after the bug has been reported, and quite annoying at that.
    I have only 1 saved game available from the start of Chapter 9. Since I cannot use the console on iPad, I was wonderring what my options are.
    Either I have to replay Chapter 9 entirely, choosing different dialogue options with Khalid, or I have to accept the bug and try my best with the frontal assault.
    Would replaying the chapter allow me to set the correct variables, or would these no longer be set correctly once the bug has been encountered?
    Thanks for any advise.

  • LorandarLorandar Member Posts: 33
    In case anyone runs into the same bug: replaying the chapter and choosing different dialogue options with Khalid helped.

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