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Is there a unified installer for BG1-EE v2.x mods (Steam/GoG compatible)

FeilakasFeilakas Member Posts: 49
edited April 2016 in General Modding
Way back when I first tackled BG2 w/mods (10 years+) I strongly remember a windows graphical program more akin to a Linux package manager that would take care of literally everything.

It'd present all possible mods, provide detailed explanations what each one did, optionally offer presets (e.g. vanilla with bugfixes/improvements, recommended mods, total modifications etc) and, perhaps best of all, take care of everything from downloading the mods to properly installing them in the correct order and automatically resolving conflicts between them.

I'm currently using the GoG version of BG1-EE and after having searched for quite a while I have found no traces of anything even remotely similar.

I tried manually installing only a handful of very base mods (BG1-NPC+Imoen Banter, BG1-UB, BG1-Tweaks) and still had trouble with overlapping features I didn't know about beforehand and tried to resolve on the spot with limited success.
I can't imagine the trouble I'd be in if I tried to venture any further than that.


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