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[SPOILERS] Those F***ing Fists stole my pants!

Sids1188Sids1188 Member Posts: 165
edited April 2016 in Troubleshooting
Obviously those asterisks are representing "lam". Any other misinterpretation is the responsibility of the reader.

So I got to the end of SoD and as I killed big devil dude my mind went to the most important item in all of BG1 at that point. The golden pantaloons. So I made sure to move them out of bags of holding and into my main characters inventory. Soon after, I got arrested, broke out of prison, and grabbed my items off the table. But the pantaloons were missing. Naturally, it isn't the end of the world for me - I had saved and exported as soon as I killed the devil - but it seems like something that could cause problems for someone who overwrites their saves after the jailbreak. To have carried the pantaloons for so long, then have them just disappear would be rather aggravating.

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