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Adding HIPS to Other Classes/is it Overpowered?

ChippyChippy Member Posts: 241
Invisibility in vanilla BG seemed balanced - it was limited my potions, inventory space, shop stock, stack size, spell limitations, etc.

With the Shadowdancer implementation it seems like HIPS is the "I win button" - I did a solo run of the black pits 1 without dying at all.

So I was thinking of adding it to the Ranger and Beastmaster. At least without backstab it may provide a reason (roleplaying and partially within 3rd edition rules) for people to go back to that class.

But from what I can tell from the CLAB files it doesn't seem to be an ability; such as AP_SPCL332 for Assassins backstab multiplier?. So is it hardcoded in some way?



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