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What's wrong with this area? Is it bugged?

I don't know if this is something the Enhanced Edition added, because I don't remember this in the original game, but it's now possible to enter the abandoned house near the fishermen's lake (SSW of Beregost or NW of Nashkel). In the cellar behind a closed door there is an NPC, and deep below is a big dungeon with some hostile NPC, but all of the dialogue, NPC names and sounds are completely wrong. I get to hear about the seven-legged spider out of the blue, my words are not my own and so on. It's pretty crazy, actually. I recently installed SoD, so thought it was some problem with my dialog.tlk or other files. So I started a new game, but everything is fine elswhere. The caves beneath the house also suffer from graphical glitches - horizontal lines.

Anybody know what's wrong?



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