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Jaheira vanished!

panamakidpanamakid Member Posts: 13
Hi guys, a newbie here. I made this account to ask about Jaheira. She went off with that Harper girl and is not coming back. I know she was supposed to turn up again with some bandits. I rested near D'Arnise Keep, and in other places, for twenty nights in a row. I went on with other quests. I tried knocking on the door of Harpers' mansion. I howled after her: "Come back, Jaheira! Come back to me! Don't take Belm and Gesen shaft away!", all to no avail. Finally I moved on and got caught up in Spellhold and Underdark (didn't think I'd be gone for so long). Is there a chance she'll come back when I appear near Alkathla again? Are there some conditions I haven't met? I'll add that our romance is purely platonic, since Jaheira can't find it in herself to fall for a girl (and we're all girls - plus a bear).
Cheers for any hints


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