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Baldur's Gate I & II crashing on startup (again)

LurtzLurtz Member Posts: 6
edited July 2016 in Troubleshooting
I am sorry to open a continuation to this thread but the first time I ran BGII after fixing the issue was also the only one (and I had it running for just a few minutes, since all previous crashes appeared about 4 seconds after launching the game): such crashes are now occurring.


  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,054
    Check your anti-virus. The P2P update process of the launcher can be flagged as suspicious behavior and shut down or deleted - I needed to add an exception into my AV.
  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,800
    Sorry to hear that @Lurtz there are some other things you can try mentioned at

    n.b. the config file has changed from an "ini" to a "lua" but the same principle applies
  • LurtzLurtz Member Posts: 6
    In the end I resolved the situation by installing the game on a different PC and importing the whole folder with settings and saves: it all worked out and I managed to complete the game; you can close this thread. Thank you for the timely support!
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