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I made a group on Steam for us all. Join it!

sandmanCCLsandmanCCL Member Posts: 1,389
I titled it "Friends of Infinity," because.

Feel free to join. Figured it'd be an alternate way to try and IM other people here in a more immediate type setting as well as help up people on the forums find other folk from the forums to play whatever it is they wanna play together.

It's public. Anyone can join. If you want mod/officership, just ask and I'll make sure to promote. I don't anticipate any problems but obviously I'll keep an eye on it should this catch on. I want to promote co-operation and all that good fluffy happy stuff.

And a pre-emptive "No one cares if you're anti-Steam" to people who I'm sure will attempt to hijack this thread. The goal is to make a group to help people find other people to play games with, and this was simple and easy to set up. Check your personal opinions about Steam and DRM at the door.



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