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Assassin's Poison Weapon



  • KuronaKurona Member Posts: 881
    The only example I've seen so far where the AI understands how to heal poisons and afflictions is Rogue Rebalancing's Chose of Cyric encounter. The cleric actually casts stuff like Neutralize Poison or Cure Paralysis on his allies if necessary. If he can't, the archer shoots Arrows of Dispelling at them in case of emergencies.

    This battle really puts SCS AI to shame, but can't fault @DavidW for this. If he had to script each encounter separately according to their party formation he'd never have released anything.

  • ear2earthenear2earthen Member Posts: 6
    Like a few darts of wounding and psn weapon can wipe out entier screen of stuff studder steppin casting failure awrrow of detonation and psn work wonders broken stuff like staff of stiking and psn x7 back stab is gross like for what the kit is worth is defently holds it value for being a baser ass thief just sayn

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