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[SOLVED] BG2 EE - Imported Game - Protagonist Voice Kit Bug

KougaKouga Member Posts: 83
edited August 2016 in Troubleshooting
Today I decided to import my SoD final save into BG2 EE. This save concerns a single protagonist character that I made in BG1EE with the voice "Female: Scholary" (One of the new ones added in EE). After Irenicus' cutscene, Imoen picks me up and I'm free to explore at my leisure.

Much to my surprise however, when I pressed my protagonist I starting hearing Imoen's voice. Not Imoen's voice kit, but a conversation of Imoen with Korgan as I could descern from the sentences. Every time I clicked my protagonist, I could hear a new line of the conversation (Only Imoen's lines), until it started over in the exact same order. This is not the voice kit of my protagonist obviously.

When I went into my character's info screen in-game (With all the stats, reputation, etc) I clicked the customize button to switch to my original voice kit. Again much to my surprise, only the 4 BG2 vanilla voice kits where available, not the EE ones. Therefore I think it must've somehow picked a conversation as my voice kit, because it didn't recognize it.

I don't know why my BG2EE doesn't have the new voice kits. I just installed it today. Does anyone have a clue or any suggestion?

With kind regards.

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