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Making it Work: Record

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited August 2016 in UI Discussion and Workshop
The discussion here yielded some great conversation about how to improve the Record screen to make it fit more in line with the original design for that screen. @Pecca took many of those ideas and crystallized them into a mock-up for what the final design might look like.

The general thrust of it:
  • The character's portrait and name should be in the center, in a column together with the character's Gender, Race, Class, and Alignment.
  • The character's ability scores and other critical elements should be on the left, since the number of lines will never change for these things; no scrollbar is necessary, which makes the left side of the screen ideal for this.
  • The rest of the character's information, organized by visible headings, should be on the right, with one scrollbar. A trio of buttons at the bottom of this column changes the text that's displayed in this column, from the basic overview to the character's Biography or their Statistical information within the party.
  • The remaining buttons are arranged at the bottom of the other two columns.
I'll let @Pecca post the latest mock-up. Be aware that all designs in this thread are suggestive only; nothing here is a promise or guarantee of future implementation. We're just discussing and honing the ideas.

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