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Spawns Everywhere (1.3.2064) Mac

I played BG2 years ago, but since my old discs are all scratched up decided to give BG2EE a try... Just starting TOB now after struggling through SOA with this bug and now its just getting too much.

I have random spawns everywhere after a rest, after an area load... It started out in the beggining of SOA with just a hobgoblin or two, maybe some pheasants, but it seemed to get progressively worse through out the game. To a point where I have HUNDREDS of pheasants, handfulls of hobgoblins and npc or two or ten (so I can't just fireball the horde when I see them). The game is getting unplayable for me. Theres times in small maps where I can't get to an exit without killing dozens pheasants, hobgoblins etc.

I've researched so many times to see what the fix is... First fix I read, stop using quicksave... I stopped doing that and it still happens.

Second Fix - "It was fixed with the updated Patches and shouldn't be a problem now" But seeing as I have the 1.3 patch i'm really not sure what is going on...

Are all patch updates automatic?

Seriously though. I love this game and would love to enjoy it without all this BS and I would greatly appreciate any help.


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