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[Mod] Improved inventory screen (BG1EE/SOD/BG2EE)

lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
edited September 2016 in UI Modding

This tweak implements the improved inventory screen (see the discussion here).

I have fixed the issues reported by @Mr2150 and I have made a version for all 3 games so I decided to post everything in a new topic.

Here is what it looks like in game:


Each archives contain a full if you want to quickly test or if you don't have any other UI modifications. Otherwise, the text file contains the code. You need to replace the code for your file from these lines
` TEXT_inventoryError = ""
to before these lines
` SLIDER_color_hair_start = 1

The and the 3 pngs must be copied in the override folder of the game.

If you don't want the item comparison feature, you only have to change this line
itemComparison = trueto thisitemComparison = false

v0.3: Add scrollbar to ground items. Reduce png size.
v0.2: Add version for all 3 games. Fix item comparison when the average damage is the same.
v0.1: Initial release

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