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NPC bodies (a Raise Dead/Resurrection mod)

gunmangunman Member Posts: 210
edited October 2016 in BG:EE Mods
This mod is intended for those playing a minimal/no reloads game (therefor using Raise Dead services of temples instead of reloading when a NPC dies) and has three components that can be installed independently.

1) NPC bodies for BG:EE

When a NPC dies, he (or she) drops a body at the feet of the Protagonist (ideally it should have been dropped together with the inventory items at the spot the NPC was killed, but so far it does not seem possible) in the place he is killed. In order to be raised at a temple, the NPC's body must be carried in the party inventory and upon casting the spell, the body will disappear from inventory and the NPC will be brought back to life.

Do not attempt to raise dead a NPC without his body, this will result in his permanent death ! Also leaving an area without the body will cause the body to disappear after a time, resulting in the impossibility to bring the character back to life.

Each of the 28 joinable NPC's has his unique body with a weight based on race, gender and strength.

2) Raise Dead permanent Constitution loss

This cause the characters brought back to life with Raise Dead or Resurrection to lose 1 point of CON as in PnP

3) Fixed price for Raise Dead spell

It makes little sense for the dynamic progression with level of the Raise Dead cost in temples. At lowest levels Raise Dead cost less than Slow Poison, or Cure Critical Wounds or Heal, while at the higher levels it becomes absurd, when the player usually has the means to cast the spell himself or by someone in the party and doesn't need this service anyway. So the price of Raise Dead has been set at the fixed price of 500gp

Warning, this is mod is not fully tested, and it is marked as BETA

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  • gunmangunman Member Posts: 210
    Updated: now the bodies are dropped in the place NPCs are killed instead of protagonist's feet.

  • LoremasterLoremaster Member Posts: 203
    Interesting mod. It adds reality to the game, as well as consistency, as without it you can carry several dead bodies around but not those of your party members. Guess that was a gameplay issue when they developed the game, but sure odd from a role playing perspective. This mod remedies this. Good work Gunman.

  • agb1agb1 Member Posts: 249
    @gunman - Please consider adding EET support. A technical guide can be found here.

    Please also consider submitting an ini file template for this mod to be included in the BiG World Setup tool. We of course can write the ini file ourselves, but we prefer to invite active authors to manage their mod's relationship with BWS proactively, including deciding what short description they want us to show with the mod. Thanks!

  • gunmangunman Member Posts: 210
    edited December 2016
    @agb1 thanks for your proposal but at the moment I am working on other stuff. You are of course free to integrate it in EET or make it compatible with other mods. I have noticed that having installed a lot of mods on top BG:EE (including BG1NPC, UB, SCS etc) made my mod stop working (probably because the joinable NPC's scripts attached to CRE files were changed and so the updates introduced by this mod were ignored)

  • agb1agb1 Member Posts: 249
    Thanks @gunman. I will add investigating these issues to my to-do list.

  • MortiannaMortianna Member Posts: 1,355
    @gunman Thank you creating this mod. Like others have said, it adds a welcome element of realism into the game.

    Regarding the weights of some of the NPCs, I think Minsc and Dorn should weigh considerably more, given their respective strength scores and size. I assume you made them weigh less than 220 lbs so a party member could carry their bodies after drinking a potion of strength or casting a strength spell.

    With Minsc at 18/93 and Dorn at 19, and both of them being portrayed as very tall, I'd guess they're at least over 300 lbs each. For example, the actor who plays "The Mountain" in Game of Thrones, Hafthor Bjornsson, is 6'9" 441lbs and is probably 18/00!

    Also, Viconia should probably weigh less than Imoen, since she's a drow (which are slightly smaller than surface elves IIRC), and since she has a delicate frame with her 8 CON.

    Just some things to consider. Again, well done!

  • MortiannaMortianna Member Posts: 1,355
    After having the mod installed a little while in my newest playthrough, I noticed the "bodies" portion of the mod disables permadeath for party NPCs. After witnessing Jaheira (level 3/3) suffer a 17hp blow from Ichayrid (while having only 5hp left), she simply died, cueing her soul being released and her body dropping, but no splatter from the chunking. After uninstalling the bodies component, she permadeathed just fine.

    Is there any way to work around this aside from uninstalling this portion of the mod?

  • DymeDefDymeDef Member Posts: 66
    For anyone interested in this, I have expanded this to the remaining NPCs in the base games across the trilogy and made the mod vastly more compatible with other mods and am working on compatability with spell and New NPC mods.

    The reworked version can be found here.

    @Mortianna I'm tagging you as you were using this not too long ago and might be interested in this. Also, I am not sure that the chunking issue can't be avoided based on how the mod is implemented. I do not know how to do it another way, so I'm afraid this may be an issue that persists through the life of the mod.

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