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A Question

XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
Anyone interested in a short story about a Gnomish paladin/Blacksmith?



  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,161
    I might be... Why do you ask?

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,291
  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
    Sounds like an interesting character. I look forward to it!

  • XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
    well it has begun and the only thing that will stop me from finishing it, will probably be procrastination!

  • XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
    Well here it is, now i know what you're thinking "That took you less than an hour!" yes, yes it did. But it was still really fun to write as gnomes are some of my favorite races to write about. So here it is the background of Joe the gnome. Enjoy! (Also i have a dumb little bard's story i wrote about a year ago. if ya wanna read it i'll post it here)

  • TStaelTStael Member Posts: 861
    Possibly - I can only tell for sure if you finish your story, thou! :smiley:

    Anything well written should be tantalizing for immersion or rejection, and any underlying positive interest in the story world or happy bias for writing style shall render a story riveting, even, I think.

    Have you found yourself yet a fantasy writing / fan-fiction / peer-to-peer creator community to encourage and constructively critique you; or can you ask any of your friends for feedback, should your creativity not thrive in isolation?

    I tend to be drawn with positive admiration to gifts I do not have, so I really love pictoral gaming fan-art (my drawing skills are simply poor) - but besides, my favorite fan-art platfrom is one of the most positive minded, peer encouraging, and "uncruel in criticism" communities I've ever come across online.

    Reading a story tends to be a more involved process in terms of investment of time - but there must be such platforms for weawers of stories, spinners of words. Maybe finding one could give you impetus to finish?

  • XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
    No I have not yet found a place for fellow writers to critique me, so i continue to use this lovely site since it is mostly filled with fellow RPG players

  • TStaelTStael Member Posts: 861
    See what gives here:

    I've followed a fan-artwork there more than once because either the story was inspired by the picture, or the picture was asked as an illustration.

    If you want cheerleading, the general kindness and positivity, and RPG love of this site will sustain you. Beamdog fora is a real joy!

    However, unless you seek seriously input to your writing by e.g. medium of PM - just because we tell you to write your story will not get you much further to writing it, or writing it better.

    I myself am drawn to the idea of inserting Mielikki - the pre-Christian Finnish boss-lady of the Forest - unto Dragon Age 2 setting. And from OC unrequited Hawke love it got to OC uncle / Leandra love story, and Isabela being a cool-handed ally adoration!

    I don't think it is a bad story premise, because of what Mielikki was, and by so many echoes still is - the Finnish nature relation.

    However, provided my bro outlives me - and bothers to scan what is in my computer - he'll just find it in "my documents" most likely. Or I read with artistic cunning to steal and inspire how bluaady well Sir Arthur Conan Doyle managed such long dialgues!!

    Give or take.

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