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Rasaad's romance bug in SOD

I never got any dialogue from him (or anyone) the whole game, I looked in the global variables I don't see talks with them. And for some reason him, glint, and safana romance are set to 2. I tried to fix that early on but no talks ever triggered. Help?


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,741
    Just a guess here...
    Is your character male perchance? I believe they made Safana and Glint only romance males, so that would seem to indicate you have a male character. Rasaad only romances females.

  • LunarCamLunarCam Member Posts: 6
    Really???? No I'm playing a girl. I'll need to check on that.

  • LunarCamLunarCam Member Posts: 6
    Yeah it says in characteristics Gender female.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,741
    Strange things sometimes happen if you get hit by the sex change wild surge or wear the belt of sex change... Did this ever happen to you?

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,741
    Ok. I did some looking into this and SoD handles romance variables very differently from BG2. In order to help with this I need to know the exact names of the variables you saw and what you did to "fix" them.

    I think that, for the first romance dialog to take place, you need to have the "romancecheck" variable be set to "1". So for Rasaad the variable that should be set to 1 is:


    If the "romancecheck" variable is set to "2" then that means that the character cannot romance you.

  • LunarCamLunarCam Member Posts: 6
    No I never did anything like that. The thing I did to try to fix it was change the others variables to 1 and rasaad to 2, but if it has to be set to 1 then that might be the issue. When the dialogue starts will the counter show up?

  • JenzafarJenzafar Member Posts: 303
    This has been my personal experience. I played the game twice, as a female, and the Rasaad romance never triggered. I couldn't figure it out, but I always had Corwin in my party at the time I picked up Rasaad, and she and I were bantering, although I eventually did the "we should keep it professional" thing when it came to that point. The third time I played, I did not pick her up at all, brought Rasaad into the party, and the romance started shortly thereafter.

    Don't know if it was just a coincidence, but could this be the problem?

  • LunarCamLunarCam Member Posts: 6
    I've never had her in the party =/. And really no one bantered with me.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,666
    From memory (and assuming you are in Single Player mode) the below may help with his romance.

    As @Tresset says, setting a romancecheck variable to 2 will make that character non-romancable. It sounds like this has happened.

    BD_Rasaad_RomanceActive should be 1 for much of the game. Progressing another romance beyond a certain point may trigger exclusivity that blocks or stops other romances.
    Variables such as BD_RasaadRomance1/2/3/etc. show the state of individual talks.

    Some romance dialogue is triggered by location along the main path. If you use the jump key (Ctrl/J), that could be a cause. If you explore an area without Rasaad, then recruit him and do not walk through that area again, that could also be a cause.
    Selecting certain responses can also end romances. I think Rasaad is fairly straight-forward unlike, say, Safana.

    To further diagnose the issue a save would be required so the variables could be checked. To go through the romance would require you to replay the game from the point where a romance step was not activated or ended (you could activate global variables to have each conversation in turn without doing anything in-game or maybe jumping to each location in turn if that isn't enough, but the dialogue may refer to events that are no longer relevant and so on)

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