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Crashing when loading with Alternate Renderer off, extremely slow when on, have bug report

GOG Release for Baldur's Gate II EE, no mods

Hey guys, I bought BG2EE off of GOG and have not been able to get it playable. When I have Alternate Renderer off, the menu runs smoothly, but will crash as soon as the game loads. With it on, the game loads, but it very laggy and stuttery.
I have tried:
-Reinstalling BG2EE
-Reinstall video drivers
-Double checked OpenAL was installed and reinstalled it
-Restarted my computer
-Rename the Document's folder

Currently, I am getting an error report that should be attached. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could tell me what I can do to get the game running. Thanks!

Dell Latitude D800
Pentium M 2.00GHz
4gb Ram
Radeon 9600 Mobility Pro Turbo
Windows XP 32bit


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