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[Cheating] [Spoilers] CluaConsole, please help!

raelcariraelcari Member Posts: 132
So I've officially left the wardstone for WK (and Foebane +3, by the way) in Athkatla and started playing ToB. I need to Clua my way out of this. I can't bring up the console - this is what I've tried:

- Opening baldur.ini in documents/bg2 and typing in:
- INSERT INTO options ROWS (
'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',
- with WordPad.
- On pressing ctrl+space ingame nothing happens. Well, it pauses the game.

Why can't I get the console working? Also, are there options besides clua?
Help would be greatly appreciated - hell, I'd even settle for sympathy at this point...


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