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Anduin's Christmas Tale for 2016

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,418
edited December 2016 in Off-Topic
You maybe wondering where I have been.

Short answer busy.

Long answer = writing reports, writing and directing a nativity, writing cards, wrapping presents, putting up christmas decorations at home, in class, around the school, down the street... And eating far too many mince pies...

This is sort of compulsory as I had to wear the Red Robe of Christmas Cheer and Hope +3 this Christmas.

This then is my Christmas tale of 2016... You can find it on my facebook page... But I'll post it here... For your enjoyment.

I was thoroughly enjoying playing Santa at the Nursery when one child, pulling the dummy from her mouth, stopped me in my tracks.

"Do you get presents Santa?" she asked.
"No" I replied "I like to give presents! Ho ho ho! What would you like for Christmas?"

Looking at me in that very earnest way a three old can only achieve she said "I want to be a big girl."

"Hmmm..." I stroked my snowy white beard in thought. "My elves can make lots of things but, that, I'm afraid is impossible. You will have to become a big girl all by yourself. If you go to sleep each night you will wake up a bigger girl each morning!" I then proceeded to wink at the girls Dad and Ho ho at my own cleverness at hopefully weedling a few nights of sleep for everyone at the little girls house.

The little girl looked at me very seriously, took my white gloved hand and placed her dummy in it. "A present for you Santa. Merry Christmas."

Dad and the little girl left the grotto very happy, but sobbing. Then my elf helper started crying. I later learnt that the girl in question had refused point blank to have this dummy taken away from her. All her other dummies had been thrown out and her parents were tearing their hair out as she would not sleep without it and throw terrible tantrums if she lost it. It must have been a very hard gift to give... But I think she made her Christmas wish come a little closer to becoming true.

By giving.

Merry Christmas.

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