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[Bastard Bonds] Tactical, isometric RPG

ShandaxxShandaxx Member Posts: 7,721
edited December 2016 in Off-Topic
So, I have begun playing this game and I would like to introduce it to you.


As a "warning" beforehand:
When I looked up this game I read some opinions that label this game as a "gay game".
This comes from the depiction of the men in the game that are depicted as women are usually
depicted in other games that is with very little clothing.

Also the game does contain one (afaik) bisexual male character (who can be romanced).
And yes, sometimes homosexuality is mentioned but just as well as heterosexuality.

So if that makes it a "gay game" then "Mass Effect" and "Dragon Age" are gay games too.
And if you take offense to that you are free to do so but I would kindly ask you to silently
just leave this thread.

So the story: You are a convict. You decide at the start of the game which crime you are accused of and whether you actually committed it or not. You are sent to an island that serves as a prison.


During your travels on that island you meet a lot of "criminals". As you travel with them you get to know them better. In the manner of the title of the game "Bastard Bonds", you bond with your party members. You get to know them and their background story and why they are on the island.

The gameplay: Top down isometric view. You move freely on the maps however combat is turn based.
The signature feature of the combat system is that you do not want to end the turn ;)
Characters want to stay as long in a turn as they can. They can do that by making "reckless actions", but doing so increases their "risk". Once the risk is too high, they may fail and fumble. In that state they are prone to a lot of damage. So it's a gamble.

However if you manage to reach the top of the "risk meter" you get the "daredevil status". You get full defense and additional XP reward!

The game features a magic system of 5 "magic veins" and the null vein. Also close combat and range combat.

For a fully fleshed out review you may want to check:

Beware the game is M-rated. Nudity is partially illustrated, but you will also find full frontal PIXELATED nudity.
Sex is mentioned but not shown.



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