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Help with 6th Party Member?

Hello everyone,

I have just started up a new run in Icewind Dale, and I am having a little trouble coming up with a sixth party member. I figured it would be fun to ask everyone to design a character for my consideration. When I pick the one I like, I will let everyone know.

Here is who I have so far:

Krina - female human paladin (undead hunter)

Dragos - male human paladin (undead hunter)

Splint - male dwarf cleric

Blak Kat - female drow thief

Moonarrow - male elf fighter/magic-user


I have my bases covered pretty well, I think. The undead hunters will come in handy when dealing with the copious amounts of undead in the tombs and the elven towers. I have a cleric, thief, and mage. The hunters, thief, and elf have missile weapons as well as their melee weapon.

Who should be the sixth member?

Create a character, as detailed as you want to, and after I get a bunch I will pick my 6th party member.



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