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End Game Decision - What's your choice? (Massive spoilers)



  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 540
    Zaxares wrote: »
    b) I could never leave my lady love(s) behind. <3 (Although one could argue that Viconia's ending would be happier if CHARNAME embraces godhood, with her becoming the first priestess of your new religion, no longer shackled to Shar OR Lolth.)

    That's what I love most about the Ascension ending: a satisfying conclusion for Sarevok and Viconia without bending their characters backwards. And of course a heart-wrenchingly tragic one for Jaheira (which my sadistic DM self just can't help but think closes her arc perfectly).

  • roman2718roman2718 Member Posts: 6
    Godhood. I still don't quite understand how afterlife works in DnD. I'd rather not take my chances. Wall of the faithless sounds scary.

    Also if I remain mortal I feel like one day Saemon Havarian will appear and screw me somehow, despite having been killed several times already. Or flaming fist will appear and accuse me of some fabricated made up BS. Or a bunch of githyanki show up rambling about that one time i "stole" their shiny and how i must pay for it or whatever...
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 657
    I haven't completed TOB since about 2006, but I’m pretty sure that if you are good aligned and act good throughout TOB, and choose godhood, you become a good aligned god of whatever portfolio you care to choose or carve out.

    At least that’s what happened to me (as far as I remember, but hey I could be wrong) - there was no indication that such a character would be associated with murder, so I don’t know where the OP got that from.
  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,864
    edited July 2019
    Looking this video from min 22.20 i agree with you.
  • valamyrvalamyr Member Posts: 130
    > (Please do not argue that you could "overcome" this dark essence and somehow be a force for good - there is absolutely nothing in the game to suggest this, and much to suggest the opposite. Such an argument is the mere wishful thinking of having your cake and eating it. This is definitely a choice of succumbing to power, evil, and darkness, which is the whole point behind such a difficult decision at the end of a long saga.)

    I fully disagree with you, what you wrote is all contrary to canon. The ending of BG2 specifically shows you can become a benevolent god, there's a whole video dedicated to that canon ending. Just as through the saga you can prove yourself stronger than the essence of Bhaal, as a god you get to make something else out of it. The tradeoff is leaving your companions and lovers behind and all hope of a peaceful life (which the canon mortal ending doesn't really get either in most scenarios except perhaps if marrying Aerie). Your Godhood can be good - but it promises further struggles.

    Divine power in FR lore isn't inherently good or evil. Kelemvor took over the mantle of Death in the times of troubles but was a much more benevolent diety than his predecessor. You aren't defined by your portfolio, you have dominion over it. Embracing godhood isn't the 'evil choice'. Its the choice to keep fighting on a cosmic scale instead of settling down. There is no wrong answer, despite what some of your companions might think.

    A reminder of the ending;
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,869
    I do themed runs, and it comes down to the characters involved. Some choose one way, some choose the other. By the time I get to the end, I just know. And then I write my own epilogues, or at least part of those epilogues. Hey, If I want Anomen and Viconia to get together as priests of the newly ascended god, I can do that.

    My recent choices:
    "Dorn It" - protagonist Dorn, NE blackguard. He became the new god of murder. And I knew that from the point he started the run by murdering Gorion's ward. The final boss in this version of the story is practically a mirror match; two usurpers, neither Bhaalspawn themselves but both brimming with stolen Bhaalspawn essence, both seeking Bhaal's mantle.
    "Kill It with Fire" - protagonist Aerys, CN Dragon Disciple. He became a new god of fire. After all, the ending doesn't say what portfolio you take if you go for godhood. With all the time he and his companions spent incinerating everything in sight, the choice was clear.
    "Wee Cant Spell" - protagonist Magpie, CG Fighter/Thief. She chose not to become a dog. The mechanical theming on this one was very mortal-centric - no arcane or divine spellcasting from anyone in the party. Taking up that kind of power just doesn't fit.
    "The Pack" - protagonist Lupa, N Kensai->Thief. She chose mortal life with her pack of fellow party members in this werewolf-themed run.
  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 508
    First of all, the godhood choice actually has 2 separate epilogues based on your alignment. You don't become the new lord of murder, that portfolio still belongs to Cyric. You become a demigod, and have adventures on the planes. I don't think being a demigod is any less free than being a mortal in Faerun, you still have to deal with the whims of divine powers, and being a mortal is miserable, dirty, and short. The only thing that would keep me from accepting the godhood is the love of a beautiful woman. ;)
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