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Strenght 18/93 and a +1 Strenght ring will be as 19/93?

If I understand correctly, 18/XX - XX number makes big difference right?

Is this difference transferred with a +1 Str ring? 18/XX +1 = 19/XX?

Or this difference is totally nulified once +1 ring is on, and there is no difference how the dice roll went earlier, now its just regular 19 Str like the half-orc when starting?


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,338
    edited March 2017
    Yeah, just regular 19. There are no percentile values for str scores 19 and higher. They are just normal scores. Regular 19 score is better than any 18/xx, btw, and any 18/xx is better than regular 18 non fighter classes get. The bigger /xx, the better.

    This makes draw upon holy might insanely powerful, a 18 str cleric (or any other character with bhaal ability) can go right to giant str categories (20 or better strength) with bonuses from the spell, bypassing all of the percentile 18/xx s.

    Note that this is different than how it should work in pnp and IIRC, IWD games. In there, +1 str corresponds a new +xx upgrade for the 18/xx, not automatic 19. So you need to have a 18/00 (which is the highest 18/xx) to go to 19 with a straight +1 bonus.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 9,457
    In Icewind Dale before EE, each +1 STR gave it a bump in percentile STR for 18/xx. Giving +1 STR to somebody with 18/93 would bump it up to 18/00 rather than 19.

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