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(Spoilers) Dorn Story Question

BestDmanNABestDmanNA Member Posts: 8
Background: So I went through Dorn's story once on a previous play-through and I vaguely remember the details (Dorn is caught between two patrons and we basically choose which one he follows, if any.) Last time around he stayed with Ur-gothaz. However, I abandoned that character not long after.

Question: Is it possible if Dorn becomes "free" for him to get another patron later (I am hoping for myself even if it is unofficially [no powers] but the question is for any) either in SoA or ToB? What effect if any does this have on his story later?

Conclusion: Thank you in advance for taking the time to read/respond!

EDIT: The main thing that made me ask this question is the occasional reference from both Dorn and Sarevok about them basically being your "right-hand" as a god and I wanted to know if it was explored any more beyond that 1-2 lines of dialogue.


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