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[PETITION] Haer'Dalis cameo

ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,461
There should be a Haer'Dalis cameo in PST:EE.
He's a tiefling from Sigil, that's reason enough, right?


PS: April Fools, in case it wasn't obvious :tongue:

[PETITION] Haer'Dalis cameo 48 votes

Oh, yes, totally.
GrammarsaladSanctiferlefreutLuthfordPibaroButtercheeseCahirJarlealeBalrog99teenpartyTeflonCrevsDaakGhostCowGirewanThrasymachusArunsunbrunardoMirandelbillbiscos0ulafein 26 votes
Ehhhh ....
AndreaColomboAedanSethDavisCosmotatokFlashburnankhegEdvindvdbangsrudSceptenarQuartzDJKajuruFinneousPJBaptorsmady3jsavingmegas_archondockaboomskiNimranrapsam2003 22 votes
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