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Neutral/Evil party - most fun NPC:s?

Hi! Quite recently bought BG2:EE on Steam. Played the game a long time ago and it really touches my nostalgia. However - I'm kinda stuck on what NPC:s I want to bring along. Main char is going to be a Sorcerer or a Bard, half-elf, Lawful Neutral or Evil (probably the former). I have a huge problem of choosing companions (wish there where more character slots... gaaaah..) because I simply can't make up my mind about them.

I like being evil™/outsider but not in all instances. My character usually has some taboos like cruelty to animals - poisoning Druid groves :D etc. (in that case - I really wish there was an opinion of siding with the Shadow druids). I recall my usual party back in the days. I also always side with Bodhi - parly because that's much easier, partly because I find it morally justifiable (the Shadow thieves are horrible people as we learn from the thief stronghold, and they try to manipulate you of giving them an extra 5k gold that they obviously don't need on top of that).

Anyway, I realized I don't think I've actually never done much of the stuff that may seem "canonical" in the game (like bringing Yoshimo to Spellhold, rescuing Imoen, having Minsc and the hamster around - and I recall ditching Jaheira for not allowing me to be evil enough, although she's probably the best of those three...) This time I'm gonna try not being so evil all the time so I get to know the "canonical" characters, and maybe turn Viconia neutral as well (hopefully that won't take her charm away lol). I've tried the all-evil party of EE, but Dorn just feels way to one-dimensional and Hexxat, despite the cool idea of having a playable vampire, has a kinda shallow personality and buggy on top of that.

I'm currently considering mixing the seemingly "canonical" companions with Viconia and Jan, i.e. Jan/Viconia/Minsc/Yoshimo:Imoen/Jaheira. Viconia and Jan are given - Viconia being the gf of my dreams (and easy to identify with on top of that), and Jan just too damn funny.

Another option (in exchange for Minsc, probably) would be Anomen is kinda fun when he goes CN but I kinda despise his tone which reminds me a bit too much of the horrible Keldorn, and I recall his change of alignment don't really being reflected in other interactions except the party banter - ie. in many instances he still thinks he's some "noble knight" or whatever even though he's been cast away by his order.

I kinda sympathize with Cernd but I recall him being quite dull, perhaps mixing him with Dorn would spice things up a bit? Among the new companions, Neera is the only one I see some potential in, I haven't done the entire quest(s) yet. I used to bring Edwin along back in the days but I never really saw the charm in him, he's an arrogant jerk for no good reason and I think I've seen the sex-change thing so many times I don't really feel the urge to see it happening again. Is Neera any fun though? Does she have any more funny exchanges after her quest is done?

So what's your thoughts? I'm mostly interested in having a party that generates fun dialogue and extra content. :# I'm playing on Normal so party balance isn't that important - I'm pretty sure I can handle whatever the game throws at me (though Yoshimo might present a challenge of I bring him to Spellhold).


  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 514
    Edwin is the best mage in the game, bar none, and has a side quest that is hilarious.
  • SomeSortSomeSort Member Posts: 658
    Mazzy gets along pretty well with the original evil NPCs, and Mazzy/Korgan is perhaps my favorite pairing in the game.
  • JoenSoJoenSo Member Posts: 148
    I like having Korgan and Mazzy in the same party. Mechanically they back each other up very well. But they also have some really nice dialogue that you otherwise might miss. Kind of like the strange friendship between Keldorn and Minsc that I missed for years simply because I never needed them both in the same party.
  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 945

    " he's an arrogant jerk for no good reason "

    Except for being the best mage in a game that utilises magic a lot..........ok.

    Ever considered that the writers made him arrogant because of the stats/amulet, that they were aware of just how "broken" they were?
    That's kind of intelligent writing isn't it?
  • VitharVithar Member Posts: 64
    Most important thing while playing an Evil Main Character is to not restrict yourself from the things you want yo do , but in the same time - follow your alignment.
    From years of experience i've seen two types of people ...

    1.The ones that keep their Rep ~8-10-12 doing mixed stuff during quests or npc interactions / decisions , because they are scared that they will miss xp or some quests items (this is mostly Fallout 1-2 behavior).

    2.The ones going on total rampage , thinking they are ''supposed' to do this.

    The best thing is to take the Companions you want and see what happens when the game progresses and how things will escalate while trying not to take wrong turns on your alignment route.

    At the end - the ones that stay with you , are the ones your deserve.

    My personal favorite is Sarevok , strong dominating character that is not the typical ''pseudo angry'' or greedy stereotype we get as an evil npc.

    Edvin is also an amazing character , not only extremely potent but also really interesting with amazing quotes and personality.
  • TarlugnTarlugn Member Posts: 203
    EE:NPC´s (SoD) : Hexxat, Dorn (Viconia [bonus for being ultimate snob], Baeloth, Edwin [tee hee])

    Original NPC´S : Xan, Branwen, Shar-Teel, Viconia, ...
  • SkatanSkatan Member Posts: 2,255
    "I'm currently considering mixing the seemingly "canonical" companions with Viconia and Jan, i.e. Jan/Viconia/Minsc/Yoshimo:Imoen/Jaheira. Viconia and Jan are given - Viconia being the gf of my dreams (and easy to identify with on top of that), and Jan just too damn funny."

    It's a good team with the bonus of being pure vanilla NPCs, which I personally like. Don't be afraid of having one or two rotating members for their respective personal quests. If I should give one advice it is to keep a core team of 4 or 5 and leave the last slot open until you are mostly done with the SoA sidequests.
    Personally I think Yoshi is a great character but unfortunately I exclude him because he is a pureclass thief and that's not power-wise the best choice. Jaheira can frontline for you but preferably you need two, so Minsc is in. Or Anomen if you prefer him, doesn't matter since anything than can equip a sturdy full plate mail and take a few hits is good enough.

    So, to summarize, since you consider Jan and Viccy mandatory and since your charname is either Sorc or Bard, then you only really need fronters since you got arcane, divine and thievery covered already. This makes Jaheira and Minsc/Anomen a good combo for a neutral playthrough and someone like Korgan instead for a more evil playthrough. The last slot you rotate in all other NPCs for their quests and then at the end you bring back Yoshi in before reaching a certain chapter which you already seem to know about. Yoshis level won't matter at that point since the other five will be strong enough. I have to admit I don't remember if he autolevels if you deny him a slot in Irenicus dungeon and then let him stand idle in copper coronet until you depart from Athkatla.
  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 187
    edited April 26
    Edwin's skill, his upbringing, his ambitions, his affiliations that aren't really touched on in this game. All of that makes his arrogance all well reasoned and somewhat earned. Specially because even while being arrogant he's still more personable and reasonable than any other Red Wizard we meet who are arrogant to a fault.

    Minsc however while he will mechanically for the most part work in an Evil party. thematically he does not fit at all. Korgan's a better choice.

    You can't take Mazzy because your siding with Bodhi. Unless your looking to replace her. otherwise her and Minsc both suffer from "I'm loudly and whole heartedly good but mechanically I'm going to ignore a lot of evil things that you do" syndrome. And the fact that people love them because overall they tend to have some entertaining dialogue in a number of situations.
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