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Any value in a basic trainer? AKA, real-time memory editing?

Wulf2kWulf2k Member Posts: 27
I know save editors exist and are being worked on, but do any of the tools out there allow you to edit things in memory while the game is running?

I may or may not get around to putting one together, if it's not something that already exists.

Edit: For scheizengigglez, here are some random memory addresses/instructions that I've come across, for reference for myself later when I'm at another PC. Also, for anybody that cares enough to follow along at home.

517D45 - Read Morte's XP at level up screen
esi + 60 = xp

51c146 - read TNO's str
+230 byte str
+232 byte int
+233 byte wis
+234 byte dex
+235 byte con
+236 byte cha

51c199 - read xp (multiple party members, after clicking level up)

7765b8 - write TNO's map x pos

79FD08 - Read text size % increase value (inconsistent)

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