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What would you like to see changed/added in a Hexxat (and Clara) mod?



  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 300
    Someone did volunteer to write more of Clara, but we still have to make her playable first. That's a matter of coding not writing. If you can keep her but she has no kick-out dialogue and the like, she's not really workable.

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 300
    A good chunk of voice acting is also coding, which is why I can't guarantee whether or not it will happen.

  • RavynsLandRavynsLand Member Posts: 5
    Maybe a way for her to automatically equip/unequip that stupid cloak depending on whether or not she's in sunlight? Remembering to take it on and off is such a hassle.

  • MirandelMirandel Member Posts: 458
    Got it. Wish you luck (for all our sake :) ) in overcoming all these complications.

  • bdtgazobdtgazo Member Posts: 36
    edited August 2017
    I always ee keep my evil chars to make them vampirish after meeting Hexxat.

    Is making a convo where you invite her to bite you an option? Maybe PC gets vamp attributes, but takes dmg walking around during the day?

    Most of these suggestions seem to be about Clara. Which is fine. I know my undead hunters should kill her outright, but she is damn sexy, and seduces them all, except a few who have suspected she is not top of the food change and so let her live to lead them to her masters.

    But, actual Hexxat would be cool.

    - few more thief jobs, even vanilla break-ins
    - return of dragomir, or whoever turned him
    - protecting her from an order that kills vampires
    - making restitution for her killing of clara and other past deeds
    - her mom is also an undead witch lurking about, not really dead, but Hexxat doesn't know this... and she starts pulling Hexxat's strings

  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    I haven't read all the posts here because there's 3 pages so I don't know if this has already been suggested apologies if it has but I would like to see Hexxat have a hand to hand attack like that of the monk that also drains levels like a proper vampire. Maybe with a chance to save vs death that becomes harder to save against as she grows in power....or alternatively a "shapechange"-like ability that morphs her into a proper vampire at will.

  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 134
    Just letting you know that I'm not dead. Moved countries (Vietnam back to California), got several jobs, had another kid, and generally busy. But I will be working on this again when I get time. Plus Ratatoskr keeps bothering me about it, and while we don't live near each other we are related so I can't exactly get rid of her :) .

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 300
    As promised, BCaesar and I have finally created a playable Clara mod. It's basic so far, but we plan to add additional options to split off the Hexxat quest, various dialogues, and likely some additional content for Hexxat as well that will hopefully make her less annoying.

    You can find playable Clara here as part of our All Things Mazzy mod.

    In order to get Clara, just murder Hexxat at the first opportunity.

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