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Black Legion Vs. Icewind Dale!

There's a party in Icewind Dale, and they're ready for some serious business! And some not-so-serious business on top of that! You will laugh, you will cry, you will cheer, you will sigh, you will do all of these things with word-hungry eyes! Or not. You could also just sit back, chillax, maybe grab a beer or twelve, and read at your leisure. You could also not read at all... maybe look at the pictures and- wait a minute, there ARE no pictures! WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?!?!?!?!?! CACKLE WITH ME, AUDIENCE! HEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH!!!

(Ahem) Welcome to yet another Icewind Dale playthrough, this time featuring my own brainchildren, the mercenary company dubbed (by, like, one guy) the Black Legion. This band of do-gooders (and that one guy who is... kinda okay, I guess?) must now face the dreadful challenges that await within the snow-covered hills and valleys, dungeons and ruins, temples and taverns of the frozen north! Will they stop the terrible conspiracy that threatens the otherwise peaceful community of (literally) tree-hugging hippies? Or will they fail and be dragged down with it into the Hells (which admittedly might be a welcome break from the cold)? Will I even finish this playthrough at all? So many questions! So few answers! Only time will tell!


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    Why are these characters familiar to me.
  • ElysianEchoesElysianEchoes Member Posts: 475
    Those poor siblings Darclin, dang, you're so mean to them xD

    Sounds quite interesting, and I look forward to hearing how well a Totemic Druid's summons help in IWD:EE.

    Play on, good sir!
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    lolien said:

    Why are these characters familiar to me.

    Indeed, the characters have evolved somewhat since we last saw them, but these are them.

    Those poor siblings Darclin, dang, you're so mean to them xD

    Sounds quite interesting, and I look forward to hearing how well a Totemic Druid's summons help in IWD:EE.

    Play on, good sir!

    They're used to it by now. :tongue:

    I am also interested in the summons, due in no small part to @JuliusBorisov's totemic druid run.

    And I shall indeed play on! After I get some sleep.
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    The Winter's Cradle tavern in Easthaven was scarcely populated. Very few people had enough coin to sit and drown their worries after a long day, but that was certainly not the only problem the tavern faced. Grisella, the tavern's owner, seemingly had difficulty acquiring what was left of her stock from the cellar, and none of the patrons within had the mind to solve that problem. And so it was until the door to this small tavern opened once more, and a group of six travelers passed through the threshold and sat down around one of the small, round tables across from the bar.

    "Alright," said the young elf woman at the head of the group. "Gather around, friends. Roan tells me that there's bound to be some trouble here in the Dale this time of year." She gestured to the man sitting to her left, who continued in her stead. "Word is that there've been some problems with the supply routes to this town. Some caravans have gone missing in recent weeks after being sent here. Emeril and I have decided that our first job should be finding out what is behind these disappearances, and stopping them. Any questions?" He looked around at the other four adventurers sitting at the table, though none of them spoke up. "We first need to speak to whoever is in charge of-" Roan continued until he was interrupted by the sound of the door swinging open.

    In stepped a middle aged man with numerous scars across his face, covered up to his head in shining plate armor. He scanned the floor of the tavern until his eyes settled upon the six newcomers. With a confident stride, he walked up to the table and said "What's this? New face in town, eh? Well met, stranger. The name is Hrothgar, originally from Hillsfar, but now, after years of traveling up, down, and under Faerun, I am content to call this town my home. Who might you be?"

    Emeril stood and smiled to the man, replying "Greetings, Hrothgar. My name is Emeril."

    Hrothgar smiled back and continued the conversation, saying "Well then, welcome to Easthaven. Whatever your business in these parts might be, I would offer you this small piece of advice: while you're in my town, you'd do well to be on your best behavior.

    "These folk are under my protection, and anyone who would seek to do harm to them in any way shall answer to me.

    "That said, I'll let you get back to your cups. I'm sure you've had a long journey, and you'll find there's no better way to shake off the cold of the road than by downing a few mugs of Grisella's best." He gestured toward the woman behind the bar, who was busy serving a customer.

    "And if you're in need of lodging, I would recommend talking to Quimby over at the Snowdrift Inn, over on the east side of town.

    "Equipment and supplies can be purchased next door at Pomab's Emporium. Pomab's prices are a bit high- even for a Calishite, but you'd be better off well-equipped and short of coin than the other way around. Ill-prepared travelers don't last long in these parts.

    "Once you've had a chance to rest up and get your bearings, come by and see me at my house. It's just a couple doors west of here. There's some business I would discuss with you. Farewell."

    Emeril nodded to him and said "Farewell" back to him, and he turned around and left the tavern.

    "Well," said Roan, a snide smirk on his face. "That was easy enough."

    "You would do well to heed his words, cretin," said Starlen, sitting to the right of Emeril, her voice full of obvious contempt for the smug bard. "I certainly won't try to save you if you get yourself into trouble."

    Roan threw his hands up and replied "Madam, you wound me. I would never do such a thing without good cause, I swear."

    Starlen scoffed at him, clearly wondering why their group would even travel with one such as him. Her brother, Kaiser, sat next to her, silently scanning the tavern and its other patrons. Aside from one dwarf who seemed capable, there was not another person who appeared to be worth their time. Of course, that didn't stop Roan from getting up and approaching the woman at the bar.

    "Hello there, dearie. Welcome to the Winter's Cradle Tavern. My name's Grisella. I own and operate this fine establishment. What can I get for you?"

    "How about a drink?" Roan asked Grisella.

    "A drink? Of course, dearie. After all, this is a tavern... plenty to drink here, heh heh."

    "My, aren't you the sharp one? How about that drink?"

    "Yes, well... you see I'm in a bit of a bind right now. I've just run out of everything. I've nothing to offer you in the way of drink at this moment."

    "You've run out of everything?"

    "Well, the tavern hasn't run completely dry. I do have some stock down in the cellar, but..."

    "But what?"

    "This is rather embarrassing... but I'm having somewhat of a pest problem down in that dirty ol' cellar, and I'm afraid to go down there. I do so hate bugs! Just the thought of those nasty creepies and crawlies sends shivers down my spine."

    "I see. Is there anything I can do to help?"

    "That's awfully sweet of you, dearie. But I don't expect you to go to any trouble on my account. I'm sure I'll think of something."

    "Have no fear, madam. I shall see to it that the pests down below trouble you no further."

    Wonderful! The stairs to the cellar are in the back room. Now you be careful down there, dearie, and don't let any of those little buggers creep back up here, all right?"

    After that conversation, Roan returned to the party's table and said "You all heard that, right?"

    Emeril nodded and said "I didn't expect you to agree to do something like that for free, Roan."

    A familiar smirk crossed Roan's face, and he answered "Oh, no, Em, I won't be clearing them out myself." He looked over at Starlen, who shot him a nasty glare in response. "Our brave paladin friend will defend the innocent by slaying the vicious insects herself!"

    "Certainly not!" Starlen exclaimed. "If you wish to drown yourself in ale, you must do the job that you agreed to do yourself!"

    "But my lady," Roan spoke with a look of feigned shock upon his face. "Is it not the duty of the strong to protect the weak? How, then, can you justify sending a weakling like myself into battle while you remain safe up here? Have you no pride or honor to uphold?"

    Miriel, sitting directly to Emeril's left, snickered and said "Yeah, Miss Righteous, shouldn't you be doing what you do best?"

    Starlen was about to speak again, but was distracted by her brother getting up and walking briskly to the back room. Feeling somewhat guilty for making him go first, she followed him down, willfully ignoring the smug grin on Roan's face.

    *This playthrough will be told in story form for the most part, and as you can all tell, the game will be heavily roleplayed. However, I will also be using spoiler tags to post some neat discoveries that happen within the game itself.*
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    Nimran said:

    This playthrough will be told in story form for the most part, and as you can all tell, the game will be heavily roleplayed.

    Christmas comes early this year.
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    Kaiser was waiting for Starlen at the stairs. "Had enough playing around?" he asked her as she approached.

    "That wasn't my idea of fun," she replied, flashing an indignant glare back over her shoulder at the rest of the party. While their leader seemed an alright sort to her, the antics of the two rogues certainly wore at her nerves. Unlike her brother, who had to deal with all sorts of people in his line of work, she was not as accustomed to such nonsense. "My apologies for the inconvenience I've caused you."

    "What inconvenience?" Kaiser asked, tilting his head slightly to the side. "It's a job, and we'll get paid for it. We just have to kill a few bugs." With that, he turned and proceeded down the stairs, and Starlen followed him down.

    When they reached the floor of the cellar, what they saw was a bit different from what they expected. Crawling atop several crates of what they assumed were the tavern's remaining stores were four humongous beetles, each one the length of one of their arms. The creatures scurried about, their chitinous legs causing a ruckus as they went. Kaiser pointed his sister toward the leftmost beetle and readied his staff, heading off to the right. Starlen heeded his instruction and charged forward with her own staff.

    Within a minute or two, the four beetles were squashed. Starlen looked to her brother and smiled. "There," she said. "That should do it, don't you think?"

    "Here's hoping we don't have to clean up the mess," Kaiser replied, looking around the cellar. "Or better yet, we could let the bard handle it."

    "You think he'd actually do it?"

    "I think I'd stand here and watch just to be sure."

    Starlen laughed. She could actually envision such a scene in her mind, with her brother standing between Roan and the stairway, glaring at him as he grudgingly scrubbed bug guts off the floor. "Let's get back upstairs," she said with a grin. "I'll report our success to Grisella."
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    Kaiser is quickly becoming my favorite :)
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    As they waited for the two siblings to return, the other party members went about their own business. Sabrina quickly left the tavern, which was no surprise to the others, as they all knew she was not fond of being indoors. After assuring them that she would be waiting for them outside, she stood and walked straight out the door. After a brief moment, Roan followed her out, declaring that he was going out to have a look around town, leaving Emeril and Miriel alone in the tavern as they waited.

    Emeril looked over at her remaining companion with a faint smile and asked "Are you not going with them?"

    "Nah," Miriel replied, shaking her head. "I'm not interested in this town one bit. Don't want to get too comfortable staying here, you know?" She looked over her shoulder toward the stairs leading down to the cellar. After a while, her eyes returned to meet Emeril's gaze, and she said "Those two, the paladin and the mercenary. Do you trust them?"

    Emeril shrugged and asked "Do you trust anyone you just become acquainted with?"

    "Of course not. I've learned not to trust anyone, especially the law abiding types like them."

    "That's an interesting way to put it. One would think that those people were more trustworthy than any others."

    "Not where I come from, they're not." Miriel stretched in her seat, starting to feel a little uncomfortable under Emeril's gaze. She didn't feel such discomfort for long, however, as Emeril shifted her attention to the two figures emerging from the cellar.

    With a single nod to each other, the two siblings split up. Kaiser strode back to the party's table, looking as serious as ever, while Starlen approached Grisella.

    "Any luck getting rid of those nasty bugs, dearie?" Grisella asked Starlen, having noticed her coming from the cellar. "My customers are getting pretty thirsty."

    Starlen barely held back a sigh, knowing that a certain bard will undoubtedly take advantage of her and her brother's efforts, and said "It is done. Those bugs won't be troubling you anymore."

    Grisella's lips curled up into a wide grin. "Thank you, dearie," she said. "You're a lifesaver. Just do me one more favor... keep this little bug problem between you and me. I don't want folks thinking Grisella's place isn't clean. Run along now." She handed over five gold to Starlen as a reward for the job. With a smile and a nod, Starlen left the bar and headed over to the party's table.

    Emeril smiled as she approached. "Welcome back," she said warmly, getting up out of her seat as she did so. Miriel reluctantly did the same, and with a gesture toward the door, Emeril asked "Shall we get going? It is about time we met up with the others and talked to this Hrothgar fellow. He might have some work for us to do."

    "As you wish, Emeril," Starlen replied with a small nod. "Lead on." Emeril's smile never faltered as she led them out into the snow-covered town of Easthaven.
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