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Looking for Sirine paperdoll/inventroy image

TygaranTygaran Member Posts: 15
edited May 2017 in BG:EE Mods
I've foudn that MSIR***.bam ar the files for the sirine avatar animation and I'm trying to asign them a /bam file to enable in image in the inventroy screen, similar to druid shapeshifts. I see ones for werewolves and mind flayers. I've tried copying a human fighter bam to MSIRINV.bam but it still doens't seem to be showing up in-games. Anyone have any experience in assigning inventory images to new polymorphs?

EDIT: And while we're at ti, is there a file ot table entry somewhere which links indexs from ANIMATE.ids to the *.BAM files they use??

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  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    Use the hex index value in ANIMATE.IDS and find the appropriate .INI file (i.e., WEREWOLF is entry 0x7E00, so check 7E00.ini). The resref entry in the .INI file gives the first four characters of the .BAM files for that animation (e.g., in 7E00.ini, the entry is resref=MWER).

  • Sam_Sam_ Member Posts: 149
    Try MSIRINV.BAM, MSIR0INV.BAM, MSIR1INV.BAM, MSIR2INV.BAM, MSIR3INV.BAM, MSIR4INV.BAM. If you are on any classic game besides ToB and none of these work, you are out of luck. If you are on classic ToB, try installing Infinity Animations and try the above list again. If they still don't work, you're out of luck. If you are on an EE game and none of these work, the paperdoll for this animation slot is not activated by default, but you might be in luck. In EXTANIM.2DA, there is a column for RESREF_PAPERDOLL. You could try overwriting the sirine animation slot with all its current (not that I know where to find them...) values except adding "MSIR" as the RESREF_PAPERDOLL column. You might also try adding RESREF_PAPERDOLL=MSIR to the sirine animation's INI file (2000.INI), probably under the [general] section. If that still doesn't work, you're probably out of luck.

    A quoted description for EXTANIM.2DA can be found here in the 1st post, but there may be better (or more up-to-date) ones elsewhere.

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