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Dual class question

If I make a warrior and get him say to level 20 then dual class him into a cleric and get the cleric to level 20, will I have the same benefits if I start as a cleric then dual into a warrior for the same levels?
Not quite sure if it changes anything it's confusing :x


  • ZapthecatZapthecat Member Posts: 13
    Ok i've tried a 10 warrior into a 10 cleric, didn't regain the 5 stars in fighting style for morgensterns, then tried cleric into fighter and lost ability to cast spells... Dual class is actually just completely abandonning a class to start anew? Sounds quite useless to me. ?_?

  • Artemius_IArtemius_I Member Posts: 2,021
    1) 11 not 10. You have to be one level higher than your first class to get your skills back.
    2) You can't get your spells back as a cleric -> fighter until you complete 1).

  • NoobaccaNoobacca Member Posts: 129
    @Artemius_I is right, you need to reach one level higher in your secondary class before you regain the abilities of the first class.

    There are a few things with dual classing that can make it quite confusing at first. For example, I used to make the mistake of thinking that placing two points into warhammers, dualing to a cleric and placing another point in warhammers would let me reach 3 points in total when I regained my fighter levels which won't happen because the points don't stack.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the restrictions of your first class will still apply while to your secondary class. E.g. a kensai can't use armor, helms or shields so dualing to a cleric (who can normally use them) will still have restrictions in place. Similarly, a ranger who starts with points in long swords and bows then duals to a cleric will find they won't ever be able to use those weapons again because the cleric is restricted to use them, even though the character has proficiency with them.

    Over all, dual classing, IMO, takes a bit of planning especially when playing with kits that may have very specific restrictions such as ability requirements, alignment restrictions, item restrictions etc.

    I did a quick google and found a discussion on these forums about dual class vs multiclass and a pretty good guide on multi and dual classing on Steam. Hope these help!

  • ZapthecatZapthecat Member Posts: 13
    Awesome ! Finally something I can understand XD I've been searching on google as well but often I'd find icewind dale 2 stuff or baldur's gate, so not sure if reliable, and other times the information didn't coincide with my tests. Which is explained by the 1 level difference thing. Thanks a lot :3

  • ZapthecatZapthecat Member Posts: 13
    Another question arose for me, can you go in theory to level 39 fighter then to level 40 mage? Would you get bonus hit points from all those levels? (I know it would take years but just curious about the theory)

  • Artemius_IArtemius_I Member Posts: 2,021
    Zapthecat said:

    Another question arose for me, can you go in theory to level 39 fighter then to level 40 mage? Would you get bonus hit points from all those levels? (I know it would take years but just curious about the theory)

    Only without the experience cap. You'd need 19,000,000 experience points but the cap is 8,000,000.

  • ZapthecatZapthecat Member Posts: 13
    So what's the max level you can get? ._.
    Also I've tested the theory, if you get say lvl 10 warrior and then dual into someth else you don't get hp for the 10 first levels of the other class

  • ZapthecatZapthecat Member Posts: 13
    Ok so by cheating sortof I've tried to get warrior lvl 29 but blocked at priest 20 so it's indeed a problem when you dual class. x_x
    it says here
    "just to clarify are you saying we could do a 29/30 dual class?"

    "Yea I've probably said too much already. I think I'm going to play it safe and say that you'll have to wait for the answer to that in 11 hours or so. :)

    I don't know if it is true in earlier version, in current version there is no meaningful experience cap, only a level cap of 30. You can dual at 29 and reach 30 in the second class.

    IWDEE was patched back in march. So it no longer has the issue RAM021 was describing. "

    not true

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