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Help, LoB Adalon kill

WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 98
Hi, I'm trying to figure out the mechanics to kill Adalon on LoB. She dispels a lot and seems to throw up mega mantle of some sort and stoneskin, neither seem to show up in the combat log. I can eventually start damaging her after a few breaches and I've also tried using harm but she makes a saving throw vs it. It's not entirely clear what she's doing to live so long but she is a pain and protection from magic weapon doesn't seem to prevent her melee damage but maybe she dispels magic on hit. Whatever her case, she's infinitely harder than Firkraag by comparison. I vaguely recall trying to kill her years ago before EE with minimal effort and I might have been on core rules but the best attempt at killing her results in 2 or 3 health bars before she wipes my party. Any advice?

Edit: After a few reload tries, Adalon's magic resist is blocking Jaheira's harm spell.



  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 312
    Do you have any mods installed?

    LoB doesn't really change fights in terms of AI or enemy skills (except for SOD) so what you are fighting is the same adalon as per regular rules just boosted Hp, thac0, apr and ac.

    Adalon has almost the same weapon equiped as Firkraag just better enchantment, they are both considered magical. Remember than Protection from magical weapons lasts only 4 rounds so if you don't buff it in combat it will run out before combat starts and even in combat you will need to rebuff. Of course if not protected with anything first dispel will render all your buffs useless.

    If MR is an issue get any of your mages in the party to cast lower magic resistance x3 in contigency to get her MR to 0.

    I don't have any saves near underdark to test but I don't remember that i had any specific issues killing her, although usually I just do egg quests since it's more XP and good rewards.

  • WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 98
    edited July 2017
    First dispel seems to remove protection from magic weapons. I have a save at her so I'll play around. I was actually using Sim to get off double contingency lower magic resistance, because my understand of LoB is everything has more of everything. Saves go up and MR feels higher. I tried using aoe spells on drows and I felt I couldn't even land slow on any of the large packs. I'll test this more next play through. I don't believe I have any mods installed but I might have one that adds more enemies and makes things a little tougher but like I said Firkraag wasn't even that bad and the demilich didn't give me that much trouble. Once I figured out his aggro table is closest target I had no issues.

    Edit: I have always remembered her being one of the harder bosses.

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    LoB increases enemy levels substantially, which means anything based off of levels like saves or THAC0 is similarly increased. In addition, LoB also increases enemy APR and directly buffs HP.

    It doesn't add magic resistance as far as I'm aware, and doesn't increase existing resistances of any kind. But I could be wrong, too many mods involved with me to say anything for certain...

  • LucasIDKn8LucasIDKn8 Member Posts: 25
    I've never played with mods so I'm not sure what it has increased however on my last playthrough I defeated Adalon with a finger of death spell cast by Viconia. I reloaded it a few times and it ended with the same result. It's a little bit cheesy but it works so well, what an easy way to get the human flesh armour.

  • WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 98
    Wow, lame. Used Simulacrum and shape shift mind flayer to demolish the black dragon in the elven city. Devour brain works through stoneskin and mirror image so that was nice.

  • WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 98
    And the gold dragon in hell was a joke. She only drops a few lvl 9 mage scrolls and 200,000 exp for the evil path but still. Nowhere close to the trouble Adalon gave. It's weird that finger of death would work. Did you lower magic resist and saves before casting?

  • LucasIDKn8LucasIDKn8 Member Posts: 25
    No I didn't lower resistance ,Finger of death works with the Shadow Dragon Thaxll'ssillyia in the temple ruins to, you just have to be prepared to reload like 20+ times if the spell doesn't work on them, 90% of the time they either have magic resistance or make a saving throw it does kill them though :)

  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,833
    With a save vs. spell of 6 and 65% magic resistance on average for most dragons, Finger of Death by itself should usually have an 12.25% chance of working against them. In LoB mode, with +5 to enemy saves, the chance of success would be 3.5%.

    Cast Lower Resistance three or four times, follow up with Greater Malison, Chant, and Doom, the chance of success would be 60% in normal mode and 35% in LoB mode.

    SCS makes dragons immune to Finger of Death, but Feeblemind is just as effective.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,997

    With a save vs. spell of 6 and 65% magic resistance on average for most dragons, Finger of Death by itself should usually have an 12.25% chance of working against them. In LoB mode, with +5 to enemy saves, the chance of success would be 3.5%.

    Cast Lower Resistance three or four times, follow up with Greater Malison, Chant, and Doom, the chance of success would be 60% in normal mode and 35% in LoB mode.

    SCS makes dragons immune to Finger of Death, but Feeblemind is just as effective.

    The base % chances of success look right, but I think the ones after Lower Resistance and the -7 impact of spells aren't taking account of the save vs spell adjustment of -2 on the spell (whether FoD or Feeblemind). Chances are thus 70% in normal and 45% in LoB. If you've got an archer handy then called shot could rapidly ensure that the dragon fails its saves ...

  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 330
    feebleminding dragons can be hilarious by the way.

  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,833
    @Grond0: I was bumping their effective saves from 6 to 8 in my calculations to account for the save penalty, and assuming that a save of 8 meant that failure could only happen on a roll of 1-7, which made it a 35% base chance (7/20=.35), not counting LoB bonuses or MR. Even if the numbers are a little too high or too low, penalizing MR and saves should still make Feeblemind a viable kill against dragons even in LoB mode, with few or no reloads depending on luck and spell slots.

    But yes... Called Shot is a pretty excellent way of guaranteeing a failed save. Called Shot on the Archer lasts for 12 seconds (that is, the Archer's missiles benefit from it for 2 rounds) and the save penalty from Called Shot lasts for 15 seconds on the target, so an Archer with 10 APR (possible with the Tuigan Bow or darts and Improved Haste) should be able to apply a -15 penalty to save vs. spell with a single use of Called Shot, assuming no misses. Use Called Shot twice, one round after another, and the save penalty should add up to over 20, enough for practically any enemy to a fail any save vs. spell at any difficulty. Only Chromatic Orb in LoB would still have a chance of failure in that case.

  • CyricDaMadCyricDaMad Member Posts: 1
    Lower Magic Resistance. Finger of Death. Move on with the game. That easy

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    edited February 2020
    as it has already told the LoB better saving throws has to be factored in.
    only lowering the magic resistance there is still a high chance that the dragon saves against the spell, being it finger of death, feeblemind, harm or whatever.

    so you have to trust on the power of reload, but then even the chromatic orb becomes a reliable way to kill dragons, or you have to do more.

    doom, greater malison and called shot can lower the chances of the dragon to save and even then it is not granted at all that he fails.
    with a 70% chance that the dragon fails the save in normal i would have at least 2 FoD memorized, in LoB, where the chance is only 45% if i don't have an archer in the party i would probably not go to the battle without my mages having at least 4 FoD memorized or if i don't have a plan B if the dragon saves.

    imho this is the only tactically sound way to go to the battle, the power of reload should protect a player from his own errors, or let him learn by trial and error sound tactics, avoiding him to start from the beginning of the game each time he screw up something, but i don't see it as a mean to make saving throws and critical hits and misses completely not meaningful.
    given the number of battles you fight it is granted that a streak of critical hits from the enemy or critical misses from the party will happen, as well as that some spells will be saved, so you must have redundancy or a plan B.
    to play ignoring this statistical truth is actually playing an other game, where no critical or saving throws exist. and i see no proud in beating a hard difficulty doing so, much better to lower the difficulty and play the game as it is designed to work.
    and this is only my humble opinion, the way i play the game, as long as an other player has fun in a different way for me it is fine that he play as he likes.
    but if he suggest a cheap way on the forums, like not lowering good saving throws where it should be done, i also tell:" if you have fun to play like that do it, is your own game, but you are suggesting a tactic that has little chance to work, your suggestion is not a god one...".

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    This is why I hate binary effects that are either stupidly OP or do literally nothing. There's a place for RNG, but it's not "let's roll a die to see if we can finish the entire fight in one hit".

    But to each their own. You're free to pursue other avenues if that one doesn't sit well with you. How and how much you use Power Word: Reload is entirely up to the individual.

    My approach to dragons is usually fairly straightforward, just buff myself, dispel their protections, beat them to death. Nothing fancy, nothing weird. It takes more work with LoB (and things like SCS etc.) but it still works.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    also my approach to dragons is usually fairly straightforward, lower MR, lower ST, flesh to stone, stone to flesh (i can repeat it if i want to farm more xp, and finally MM, that with an enemy with 1 hp left is granted instant kill.
    for your tactic you need raw mlee power, for mine i need redundancy, but both work pretty well.
    and using my binary approach on ToB dragons, that are immune to imprisonment but not to flesh to stone, is not so OP, as it need redundancy, correct and very dynamic placement of the toons and on the battlefield, i call it "the dance around the dragon" and is almost tactically as complex as your raw physical power approach, as we don't want to rely on the reloads to succeed.

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