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List of UI Modding bugs / requests

lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,424
edited June 2018 in UI Modding

The goal of this topic is to regroup in one place all bugs or feature requests related to UI modding. It will not contain request to change the current UI (as we already have a subforum for that here). I build this list mostly with the things I encounter working on LeUI but I also included elements posted here and there on the forum by other members.

If I forget something, feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to the first post :)

1. Tooltips only work with 'button' element not with 'label'

This works:
	area 526 92 58 98
	tooltip lua "t('ARMOR_CLASS_LABEL')"
This does not:
	area 526 92 58 98
	tooltip lua "t('ARMOR_CLASS_LABEL')"
Redmine 32647

2.Tooltips do not work for elements inside a 'list'

For example:
		width 100
			area 0 0 -1 -1
			text lua "Infinity_FetchString(bookSpells[rowNumber].name)"
			tooltip lua "Infinity_FetchString(bookSpells[rowNumber].name)"
	area 112 186 302 384
	rowheight 40
	table "bookSpells"
	var currentBookSpell
Redmine 32649

3. You should be able to customize the background color of 'progressbar' element

Something like that:
progressbar bgcolor 128 128 128 255

Redmine 32661

4. Worldmap should be customizable

We should be able to:
- change the font, it's position, it's content (to remove the travel time for example)
- add hover effect on the map icon
- destination unreachable should pulse red when hovering over it
- show travel time on tooltip
- don't unselect map icons when dragging the worldmap around with the mouse
- use mouse scroll to move the map

Redmine 32681

There should be no scrollable empty space when the worldmap screen area size is extended: Redmine 23867

5. Action bar should be customizable

Everything is harcoded at the moment :(

Redmine 32699

To be able to do tweak like this (Redmine 22120).

6. Better item comparison

Add these informations in tempStats:
- Attacks per round
- Offhand THAC0 and damage
- Individual AC subtype
- Individual saving throw type
- Individual resistance

Redmine 32679

Option to customize the yellow highlight on portrait: Redmine 20179
Lag when picking item: Redmine 23866

7. Improve portraits handling

Add createCharScreen:GetPortraits to get all the portraits. This will simplify all the portrait picker mods.

Add a way to select a small portrait with a different name than the normal portrait.

Redmine 32700

Specifying gender for portraits should work should also work for portraits in the portraits folder: Redmine 21989

8. rowbackground only work with MOS file

It should also work with PNG file.

Redmine 32664

9. Add an option to 'text' to have the fancy initial

To be able to redo this:

Redmine 20960

10. 'action' does not work for element inside a 'list'

For example:
		width 100
			area 0 0 -1 -1
			text lua "Infinity_FetchString(bookSpells[rowNumber].name)"
	area 0 164 1004 536
	table "bookSpells"
Redmine 32680

11. 'list' improvement

When you have a 'list' with a scrollbar, there is a reserved space for the scrollbar where you can't draw even when there is not enough content for the scrollbar to appear:

It should be possible to draw there. Also it may be useful to be able to know if a 'list' element is displaying a scrollbar or not.

Redmine 32701

12. Scrolling improvement

Add a way to change the scrolling to scroll for a fixed amount of pixel.

Since 2.5, this code can be used:
scrollbar clunkyScroll XX

13. Do not hardcode behaviors

Some ingame screens (inventory, character information, spells, options, ...) have hardcoded behaviors. The shortcut to open the screen, pausing the game without displaying a message in the dialog box, stopping the map scrolling, ...

These behaviors should be made explicit so they can be reused in other screen (for example for the journal to make it work like in 1.3).

14. Add unselectable races / classes / alignments in chargen tables

To be able to show them in character creation (instead of having to use a hack to generate it like here).

Redmine 20614

Also, hiding proficiencies by default has this unwanted side effet: Redmine 31771

15. Multiple stealing

storeScreen:IsStealItemButtonClickable should return true even when multiple items are selected and storeScreen:OnStealItemButtonClick should handle multiple items (at the moment it crash).

This way, we no longer need this.

Redmine 32704

16. Relative level up progress bar

characters[id].level should also contain the starting xp for the current level. This will greatly simplify this mod.

17. Merged inventory

The 'characters' table should contain all characters to be able to create one merged inventory (like in Pillars or Tyranny). Right now, the characters[id] for one character is filled only when you open its inventory (and the table is not cleared when you load a new save so it can contain no longer relevant data ). Also, there is no easy way to map the id to each character.

18. Ability to import external library

For example: os or pcre.

19. Customizable tooltips

Ability to customize the font size and color.

Redmine 32713

Restore the unfolding animation.

Redmine 32712

20. Documentation

At least the syntactic rules for the UI.MENU grammar. Even just a BNF document would be very helpful - and wouldn't need to include Lua syntax.

21. Check key states

Add a function to check if a key is pressed or not. This could be used when changing thief proficiency to advance 5 by 5 if shift is pressed for example.

22. Customizable fonts

Add some options to be able to tweak the font look (emboss? bevel? shadows?). For example, to give a 3d look to fonts like in BG2 vanilla:

23. Tooltips position

Tooltips position on tall elements should depend on the mouse position instead of being positioned at the top of the element.



Redmine 32659

24. Expose more variables

Expose internal variables.

Expose 'hidden' stats (i.e. from stats.ids) like fatigue level.

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