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Mother Egenia/Sister Calliana/Conlan's Son - Bug?

RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 2,682
Just returned from Dragon's Eye. While in there I found Mother Egenia, saved her, talked to her, etc. On my way back she and all the others captured villagers were gone.

Now the issues:

1) Colan does not thank me for saving his boy (I don't remember even meeting him TBH - pretty sure that the lad was on Dragon's Eye)

2) Sister Calliana has no special dialogue about Mother Egenia being saved.

I thought that IWDEE had these issues resolved for good. Do I need the Unfinished Business for this?

If it is an issue, any ideas to solve this? If it's not an issue, what the hell did I do wrong?


Edit: Used the Console to spawn Sheemish. Had the dialogue, got de XP, but Conlan won't give me a new dialogue option.

Solved both issues altering the Global SHEEMISH_ESCAPE 2 and KNOW_EGENIA 2.


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  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,236

    Sheemish is an unmarked kid in the 2nd level of dragons eye. You must talk to him after killing both the lizardman king and the nearby lizardmen/wraith spiders guarding him.

    Must have killed Yxunomei and all 4 Talonites and 6 Trolls surrounding Egenia, with Egenia still alive. There are timer-spawned trolls in the same area that do not count.
    To see if you missed any:

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 2,682

    The value returned was 10 which I believe stands for 4 Talonites + 6 Trolls, so I haven't missed any kill. Yxunomei is dead as a dead person can be by now.

    I have actually missed the kid, I don't play IWD in a long time (was always waiting for the 2.0 patch).

    I solved everything messing with the Global. Thanks!

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