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[v2.1] Aura, a gnome artificer NPC for BG:EE + SoD

AionZAionZ Member Posts: 2,816
edited May 18 in BG:EE Mods
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Alternate Portraits

Alternate Portrait 1 by Omar Diaz

Alternate Portrait 2 by Pantalion

Alternate Portrait 3 - BG2 Style

Alternate Portrait 4 - Original Portrait by Lava Del'Vortel

Alternate Portrait 5 - NWN-Style

Full Name: Aurelia Minerva Evie Glimmershine
Race: Gnome
Class: Artificer (Thief kit) alternate: illusionist/artificer, priestess/artificer
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 19
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 15


"When asked about her past, AURA tells you a long and convoluted tale of her life from her childhood to her life spent in faraway Kozakura. Born from the prestigious Glimmershine family in the technologically-advanced island nation of Lantan, Aura's talent for artifice and creation at a young age coupled with a wide-eyed curiosity of the world beyond her home led her to travel to distant lands looking to advance her knowledge of cultures and bring knowledge to other, less advanced societies. In one such venture, Aura's crew was assaulted by a magical storm which destroyed their ship and swept her away into the ocean.

Upon regaining consciousness, Aura found herself somehow in Kozakura, a nation in the land of Kara-Tur. Aura's talents in creation gave her a place among the locals of the village in which she made her new home for three years until a disastrous commission led to her disgrace and her subsequent leaving of Kozakura. She now seeks an adversary now in the Sword Coast, and has sought your aid in her quest."

Character & Personality

Aura is kind and idealistic at heart. She can be rather shy and socially inept when interacting with strangers, but easily turns peppy and excitable when the topic strays into her fields of expertise, being capable of talking or (more likely) lecturing others for up to hours on end.
Aura's most unorthodox trait for a Lantanese gnome is her fascination with magic. Though she has received little, bordering on no magical training and no interest in becoming a mage, her everlasting dream is to create a perfect harmony between magical and technological creation. This is not an unacceptable view in Lantan, though it is considered highly unusual.

She is in her mid-seventies in age, barely a young adult for a gnome. Because she has spent so much of her life working with inanimate objects, coupled with her extremely long lifespan, she can be extremely naive and unknowingly insensitive when it comes to human issues, though her time spent in Kozakura has helped somewhat.

While the majority of people in Lantan worship Gond, the Wonderbringer, Aura is tight-lipped about her choice of deity and shows noticeable discomfort when discussing religion. It is unclear whether she worships a god at all.

Aura strongly dislikes the Lantanese trademark smokepowder, the knowledge of how to produce it given by Gond during the Time of Troubles, but will relent in creating it for people she unequivocally trusts.

Perhaps Aura's greatest strength and weakness is her extreme attachment to all of her ideas and creations. While this makes her a natural when it comes to invention, it also means she personally feels responsibility for any harm, destruction or death that anything she created has caused, even if it were by someone else's hand.

Due to being inexperienced, Aura has a few childish fears, most notably a fear of bears of all kinds. More seriously, she is absolutely terrified of drowning and being close to huge bodies of water due to her past traumatic experience which caused her to temporarily lose several years of her memory and nearly her life.


Aura may be flirted with in BG1 by a PC of any race and either gender, but will only respond to a female PC’s romantic advances during dialogues. A compatible PC gains romantic dialogue options during her friendship talks, but there is no romance path.

In SoD, Aura may begin a romance with a non-evil female of any race with 12+ Intelligence and 10+ Charisma. Aura is generally affectionate and will respond amicably to a partner who is friendly, intelligent, and willing to listen. On the other hand, she is quick to back off if the PC displays no signs of interest, and callous responses are quick to turn her off.

Artificer Thief Kit

ARTIFICER: Lantanese artificers are master innovators and craftsmen, making up for their lack of combat or cloak-and-dagger skills with expert knowledge in use of arcane runes, deadly alchemical traps and metal automatons.

– +15 bonus to Lore.
– +10% bonus to Find Traps, Open Locks and Set Traps.
– May use the Set Alchemical Snare ability once per day in addition to the normal Thief's Set Snare. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 5 levels thereafter.

Set Alchemical Snare: Set a trap in the targeted location when no hostile creatures are in sight. Traps deal 1d4 (+1 extra damage per level) fire, cold, acid or electrical damage of the artificer's choice in a 10' radius, inflicting additional effects that last for 1 round per 3 levels of the artificer. Effects are dependent on the chosen element. Alchemical Snares can be set at a distance but can be set off by both allies and enemies.

ALCHEMIST'S FIRE: Ignites the victim, dealing 1d4 damage per round.
ACIDIC COMPOUND: Corrodes the victim's armor, reducing their AC by 4 and physical resistance by 20%.
ELECTRIC CHARGE: Afflicts the victim with a 50% chance to miscast magic.

– May use the Craft Rune ability once per day.

CRAFT RUNE: Artificers can inscribe runes with arcane magic, which may be used to temporarily enhance weapons or to cast spells. The amount and strength of runes created depend on the artificer's level. Runes may not be crafted during combat.

– May use the Advanced Alchemy ability at will.

ADVANCED ALCHEMY: Lantanese artificers are skilled in chemistry and potion-making. This skill may be used to craft a number of potions or alchemical weapons. The types of potions available for crafting increase with the artificer's level.

– From level 8 onwards, may use the Craft Automaton ability once per day.

CRAFT AUTOMATON: The artificer spends two rounds to assimilate a powerful automaton which can be controlled at will. Automatons last until destroyed, are disabled if their creator is incapacitated, lose control if their creator's mind is affected and fall apart if their creator is killed. Only one automaton can be controlled at any given time.

– Hit Die: d4
– -10% penalty to Pick Pockets, Hide in Shadows and Move Silently.
– -1 penalty to THAC0 every 6 levels (starting at level 1).
– No backstab multiplier.
– May only distribute 20 skill points per level among thieving skills.

Optional: Priestess Cleric Kit

PRIESTESS: Priestesses of the Way, a Kozakuran faith, are believers in harmony and seek to understand how to manipulate the forces that keep the world in balance, gaining powers similar to that of divine magic in the process. Many dedicate themselves to wandering the land for knowledge, tending to sacred shrines, or becoming philosophers.

– May cast Protection from Evil as an innate ability.
– From 6th level onwards, may cast Protection from Evil 10' Radius as an innate ability.
– From 11th level onwards, may cast True Seeing as an innate ability.

– May only be proficient in clubs, quarterstaves, short bows and slings.
– May not wear armor heavier than studded leather.
– May not be chaotic or evil-aligned.

Other Information

  • She can be found in the Beregost town center. When she is removed from the party, she may either go to the Friendly Arm Inn or remain where she is.
  • If you insult her too many times, she will stop talking to you and her PID will change, denying you most of her services. You have a chance to apologize ONCE. If you insult her again after that, tough luck.
  • Keep her and Neera together long enough for their banter chain to finish, and Neera will gain an exclusive item.
  • Aura's elemental traps are area of effect and NOT party friendly! Use them with caution.
  • Don't let a bear get too close to her, or she will lose morale and flee. This does not always work due to some bears lacking a death variable and thus being 'undetectable' by the script.
  • The Sunshooter auto-upgrades at levels 5, 8 and 11.
    After a certain point in the quest, you will get attacked in the street once every eight hours. After this has happened three times (Aura will comment after the third attack) rest at an inn to progress.
    Beware of the exploding ninjas. That is not a joke.
    You can convince Aura to let you keep the masterwork weapon at the end if you are non-evil and have high charisma. Bear in mind she will take it with her if she is kicked out.

    • Aura can be found in the Coast Way Forest, slightly below Rasaad. A cutscene will start when you're in range.
    • For players taking her into SoD, I recommend holding on to Aura's starting armor.
    • Be careful of cutting Aura's SoD talks short. Some "end dialogue" options will shut down her friendship/romance entirely.
      • The sunflower seeds can be magically grown by a druid PC with high wisdom, Jaheira, or Onoroth, the druid in Bloodbark Grove. The last option costs 2,000 gold.
      • Feed the cat.
      • Aura's sleeping potion will add to a 'good' defense for the ending trial. During the battle, it has a chance of randomly putting crusaders to sleep while turning them neutral.
      • Aura provides Trollbane Arrows regardless of whether she's in the party or not.

    NPC Reactions (BG1, SoD, Crossmod)

    Likes: Dynaheir, Imoen, Kivan, Yeslick, Edwin, Quayle, Ajantis, Garrick, Glint, Sirene
    Neutral/Unsure: Khalid, Safana, Alora, Viconia, Minsc, Branwen, Skie, Rasaad, Corwin, Drake
    Bemused: Tiax, Xzar, Baeloth, Coran, Xan, Neera, Voghiln, White, Verr'Sza
    Afraid: Jaheira, Faldorn (BEARS!), Dorn, Shar-Teel, M'Khiin
    Dislikes: Kagain, Montaron, Eldoth

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