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[v3.31] Aura, a gnome artificer NPC for BG:EE + SoD



  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,652
    marcnivar wrote: »

    Not a big problem, just to report, before entering Arvenus, after a small talk with Aura, she will keep coming out with this generic talk here. However, this will stop when I enter the Arvenus.

    what i had to do was keep going in and out of the portal until it triggered the cutscene.
  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,806
    megamike15 wrote: »
    what i had to do was keep going in and out of the portal until it triggered the cutscene.

    That's called going to hell and back ... again and again.

  • BolkoBolko Member Posts: 15
    edited February 2021
    She is broken, I think only to stop her talking is to talk her and just click option 3(I'd like to stop you talking to me for a while).
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  • Wutan1988Wutan1988 Member Posts: 74
    Hmm i made a new Install to check out Aura as a Multiclass Artificer/Illusionist. Got my Charname to 32000 XP and picked Aura up in Beregost. Sadly her Potionmaking Icon and her Rune Crafting Icon are not there anymore under Special Abilities :(

    Maybe that's because i changed Montaron to a Assassin via Tweaks Anthology. I don't really have other KiT Mods installed or anything which would change Spell Progression or the Mage Class in general.
  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268

    Cannot reproduce. Make absolutely sure you're starting a completely new game. Kick her out and re-recruit to see if the abilities return. Also, is it just the spells missing or is her kit name also not there? Does she have her bonus Lore and melee THAC0 penalty?
  • Wutan1988Wutan1988 Member Posts: 74
    edited February 2021
    Hi :)

    In the Mutliclass Section its: Illusionist/Thief. Her Kit Description is the correct one Artificer/Illusionist.
    I do a new Install atm cause i have a Suspicion:

    In Tweaks Anthology i changed Xan into a Generalist Mage. Maybe that messed up her Kit and changed her into a normal Illusionist/Thief. I read something similar to that a couple of days ago.

    I will save my Weidu Log this time and report back when i recruited her in Beregost again.

    I don't really change much of the Ruleset of the Game.

    The Mods i use are:

    1. SCS
    2. Tweaks Anthology (Cosmetic Changes, No heavy Ruleset Changes)
    3. klatu Tweaks (Only: Free Action does not prevent Haste or Movement Rate Bonus)
    4. BG1 NPC Project
    5. BG1 NPC Project Musik Pack
    6. Ajantis BG1 Expansion
    7. BG1 Romantic Encounters
    8. BG1 Miniquests and Encounters
    9. Shades of the Sword Coast
    10. Baldurans Seatower
    11. Lure of the Sirine's Call
    12. Aura NPC
    13. Drake NPC
    14. Sirene NPC
    15. Emily NPC
    16. Helga NPC
    17. Kale NPC
    18. Recorder NPC
    19. Vienxay NPC
    20. VerrSza NPC
    21. White NPC
    22. Bristelick NPC
    23. Isra NPC
    24. Shar Teel for SoD
    25. Rebalanced Poison Weapon

    It's mostly NPC Mods. I didn't select the Mage Option for Xan this time so i hope that might fix it and that was the cause of the Problem.
  • ffrraacceekkffrraacceekk Member Posts: 2
    edited March 2021
    Bolko wrote: »
    She is broken, I think only to stop her talking is to talk her and just click option 3(I'd like to stop you talking to me for a while).


    First of all, thanks @AionZ for this mod and all other mods you have created. I am currently re-playing BG with Aura, Drake and Sirene in the party and I struggle a bit with Aura.

    I have exactly the same issue as Bolko described in his posts here. After starting Chapter 4 and playing for around 30 minutes she started initiating this dialogue every 2 or 3 seconds:


    I think this is because I picked up Dead Shot +2. The last normal dialogue I had with her was when she offered to upgrade it, which I accepted.

    I unfortunately don't have a save immidiately before picking up the bow, but when I tried Advance Real Time commend just after starting chapter 4, I got the same result.

    On my clear save I haven't used advance real time or any other console command.

    Here is a list of values connected to her from EE keeper on my clear save.




    Could you maybe take a look at that? I would really love to finish her story, but unfortunately she is unplayable for me at the moment :( The only thing that works for me is force-muting her through the above dialogue but that's stupid, I obviously want her to talk.

    I tried to copy all the values from a save before starting chapter 4, the result was that I received the dialogue which kicks in after looting the Bandit Camp, but the dialogue loop returned soon after.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Edit: I tried kicking her out of the party and then re-joining her, I tried killing her and resurrecting her but unfortunately nothing fixes the problem.

    Edit 2: Editing Talk value in EE Keeper from 14 to 15 seems to solve the problem with the looping dialogue, but I honestly don't know what ramifications it can have for the future gameplay. No idea what was suppose to happen between talk 14 and talk 15.
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  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268
    The two instances of the PID endlessly starting should both be fixed now.
  • MidnightVoyagerMidnightVoyager Member Posts: 28
    I may have some sort of incompatibility, because her dialog is a bit messed up for me. I had a generic dialog pop up a few times and then much later what was clearly area-specific dialog popped up in the wrong areas. Bears in the sewers, etc. And then for some reason, I talked to her with herself. I didn't intend to, I intended to on my protag, but it caused some dialogs I'm pretty sure I should have gotten earlier to pop up.

    She won't talk to any of the new Beamdog party members either for some reason?? Never had her talk with Neera even though I had them together for ages, but she talked to new default NPCs I just added to the party.

    She's told me about her ability to upgrade items, but I cannot get that dialog to pop up. Also, she thinks it's SOD, judging by how I ask her about the situation and she talks about the Crusade. The only reply is NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS.

    Honestly, this game kinda snowballed. I noticed the SOD thing early but it seemed like everything else was working alright, so I let it go. Then things just kept... happening. I assume it's an incompatibility, because I feel like someone else should have reported this by now if it was a big thing.
  • MidnightVoyagerMidnightVoyager Member Posts: 28
    edited March 2021
    I did a little science. With a new game and just BG1, BG1 Unfinished Business, and EET, she still thinks we're in Siege of Dragonspear if I ask her what's up.

    Obviously I don't know much about the rest of it, since it'll take some work to get to, but I know that much isn't quite working in EET. I'll see if I can't trigger the rest of it and see what happens.

    EDIT: Alright, same deal. She randomly talks to me with her default PID after I get Brage's sword. I have her talk to herself and it brings up the dialog for the sword. I can't seem to find how to actually get her to work with the sword. I guess this problem is an EET-specific thing.
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  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,652
    did you use dlc merge? with the steam and gog version you need to use that with how sod is installed.
  • MidnightVoyagerMidnightVoyager Member Posts: 28
    Yes. I used DLC Merge.

    When I use DLC Merge and just BG1, I actually get a whole different PID set. I assume the one I am getting when I use DLC Merge and EET is the one for SoD, but we're not actually in SoD yet.
  • MidnightVoyagerMidnightVoyager Member Posts: 28
    edited April 2021

    This person seems to have solved the problem I was having with getting the SOD PIDs. I made the same edit that they did and now I'm getting the dialog for BG1 instead of the one for SoD.
  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,299
    Hi @AionZ

    For personal uses I photoshopped a new portrait for Aura, originated from Mike Sass' NWN female gnome. Feel free to use it if you like it. =D

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @AionZ I have just started using your wonderful mods. Aura and Sirene.
    I have a question about Aura's goggles. How do I use them ? I have not found the way. I use the pack button, but is does not do anything. Thanks alot !!!
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @AionZ It works now ! I do not know why, it did not work yesterday and this morning, when I have reloaded the game, it is OK.
    This is a wonderful character. I play the Priestess/Artificer version. She will be my Cleric. I love her.
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    Aura has now an upgraded Sunshooter (rapid), but it does not seem to create anymore arrows of healing. Is there something that I have missed ?

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    Hi - has someone encountered the same problem ? Upgrading of the Sunshooter which does not create arrows anymore ?
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @AionZ Mea culpa it works perfectly ! I did not see the two types of arrows that I have to choose between them. That's great !
    Sorry for the inconvenience...
  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 831
    How did y'all fix this?
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @Endarire There was nothing to fix, I just had not seen the arrows menu appear...
  • TwiceTestedTwiceTested Member Posts: 18
    One other note about her goggles, when you pick her up, they are 'used' and you have to sleep before you can identify things with them, or at least I have to every time I pick them up.
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @TwiceTested Yes that's true.

    Presently I use her as an artificer/illusionist. Pretty nice and powerful character.
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,096
    edited August 2021
    I am in touch with @AionZ and while I know he needs some time and space right now, he is also preparing a significant update of Aura. That includes text / dialogue changes and tweaks as well as other things.

    To all people - do not traify the mods on your own if the author is active and working on his stuff. There is a huge chance the mod is not traified for a reason. We have such situation right now.
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  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,956
    Some off-topic comments have been removed to stop further escalation, communication with the involved persons will happen privately so that this thread can get back on topic.
  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 770
    I hope Aion is OK and send best wishes ?
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