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[Question] Pit Fiend and Lich in Ghoul Town

wolfdwarfwolfdwarf Member Posts: 14
So I got to Ghoul Town (AR0201) for the Unseeing Eye Beholder thingie quest and I get to Ghoul Town, I took care of all the zombies, mummies, and the mayor, Theshal, and what have you. However on the way out of this area I encounter a Lich and a Pit Fiend. I was having a real hard time of it. If the Lich doesn't teleport field us all to him and the Pit Fiend, then the Pit Fiend attacks and slows/diseases my protag to uselessness. Let alone the Horrid Wilting killing half my party or Chaosing my party to complete disarray. I also need to have True Sight to dispel their illusions, but they in turn dispel my True Sight.

But then I looked it up and there is no mention of either of these guys anywhere in any guides or what have you. I think I am way underleveled for this...

So questions: am I correct in thinking that those two guys are not supposed to be in Ghoul Town ruining my good time of Beholder hunting? and if so, how can I... get rid of them? I'm not familiar with console commands but is there anyway to... delete them or something?


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,167
    Enemies are XP-based (based on your XP) in BG2, and the highest level summons are the fiend and the lich for that particular area, so it's not a bug.

    What party do you have, what is the class/kit of your main character? What spells do you have memorized? This information is needed in order to help you with suggestions you can use for this fight.

  • wolfdwarfwolfdwarf Member Posts: 14
    Dwarven Defender, Neera, Hexxat, Misnc, Jaheria, Wilson. All around level 12.

  • OrlonKronsteenOrlonKronsteen Member Posts: 509

    Not familiar with those NPC, do any of them have the spell?

    No cleric (druids don't get it) in the party so Neera would have to do multiple castings on the individual party members - if she has it in her spell book. But protection from evil will indeed keep the pit fiend off of you.

    You might try sending an army of summons in first (Neera, Hexxat and Jahiera could provide them) - but one at a time, as the Lich will obliterate them with death spells and if all the summons go in at once they'll be wiped out in a single fell swoop. Liches have tough magical defenses (breach won't work as they're immune to 5th level spells), and at lower level the trick is tying them up with your summons until they wear off (and until the Lich has emptied the worst of its offensive spell arsenal), at which point you can go in and hack away.

    You may also be able to lure the Lich into some traps with Hexxat? I'm not sure if the Lich's spell protections stop traps or not...

    And @UnderstandMouseMagic - LOL on the children's book titles.

  • mf2112mf2112 Member, Moderator Posts: 1,919
    If you cast Protection from Evil and then read a green scroll of Protection from Undead then the protected character should be able to walk right in past the pit fiend and kill the lich. Then everyone else can gang up on the pit fiend and have a reasonable chance.

  • OrlonKronsteenOrlonKronsteen Member Posts: 509
    All assuming his party has that gear with them.

  • wolfdwarfwolfdwarf Member Posts: 14
    @UnderstandMouseMagic : Pit Fiend and Lich and the Bad Touch: When No Means No.

    Thanks guys... Yeah. I'm running into Lich's and Pit Fiends all over the place now...

    I am now starting to get a monopoly on Protection from Evil scrolls...

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