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Noblise Oblige

GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,098
1: Charname (Fighter, so you can be the lord of a castle and the surrounding lands)
2: Sir Keldorn Firecam (Nobleman)
3: Sir Anomen Delryn (Nobleman)
4: Nalia de'Arnise (Noblewoman)
5: Valygar Corthala (Nobleman)

That makes a party of 5. If making a party of pure nobility, who would be the best person for the 6th slot?

The party has a fighter, a fighter->cleric, a thief->mage, a paladin and a stalker. So it is pretty balanced, all things considered. With 2 front liners, a healer, a thief and a mage.

From a RP perspective...I'm thinking a female kensai dual classed to mage. Fighter levels means that she can do the fighter stronghold. The sword and robes look certainly feels noble. And it gives the romance with Anomen.


(1) Haer'Dalis? Not a noble. But he is a bard...

(2) Jaheira? Technically she is of noble blood, but she was raised by druids and doesn't identify as a noble.

(3) Mazzy? She's not a noble...or even a knight. But she forces Valygar to be her squire.

Having trouble of thinking of who would be the best 6th member...



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