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Saving Captain Corwin (Spoilers)

Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,066
I'm not sure if there is a happy ending to the Schael Corwin romance. I certainly didn't manage to get one.

She died fighting the Flaming Fist so that I could escape. I tried to fight alongside her but they seemed to target her rather than me and she died pretty quickly

So I went back to see if I could change that and after a couple of tries:

I managed to kill Bence Duncan and all his cronies including the mages and archers hiding behind the force field. And I even managed to keep Captain Corwin alive. Sadly I still couldn't persuade her to come with me and she is probably going to go back and be executed for treason. But I was happy to discover that I could save her. This is our last moment together (just to confuse things I am using her portrait for my Paladin:

I love killing Flaming Fisters. Do you think that makes me a bad paladin?


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